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Esther Luttrell

Esther Luttrell began her professional career as writer-director-producer of documentaries, educational films, and syndicated television programs in the Midwest. It was her educational films which lead to an invitation from the University of Missouri-Columbia to participate in a PhD grant as campus film maker. At its conclusion, she accepted an offer from the Arizona Dept. of Tourism to write, produce and direct a State promotional film.

Moving to Los Angeles, she joined the CBS Script Department then MGM Studios, rising from the Executive offices back into production. Her experience includes movies-of-the-week, feature films, episodic television, sitcoms and TV specials, those experiences ranging from Comedy Development, Assistant to the Vice President of MGM-TV, Assistant to the Music Editor (5 films), and Production Coordinator, to Script Consultant. Her first Hollywood feature story was sold to Dick Clark Cinema Productions.

In 1994 she formed Screenwriting Partners Unlimited for the sole purpose of encouraging and tutoring new screenwriters. The recipient of the Mayor's proclamation for outstanding service to the creative community, she also received an award for her work as role model to beginning film makers, and was given the 1996 Spirit of Humanity Award for her contribution to developing screenwriters. She is the author of "Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade" which, according to Paul Mason, Senior Vice President Production, Viacom, is the most accurate screenwriting information on today's market. Her book includes observations, insights and material gathered during her highly acclaimed, cross-country screenwriting workshops. She lectures annually on screenwriting at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Luttrell has recently relocated to Florida, her home state, where she plans to produce film and TV projects based primarily on her students work, through her production company. The Broadcast Club of America, Inc.


Esther is writing two screenplays for film projects in various stages of development; "Dancing on a Dime", a youth-oriented drama in the genre of "Dirty Dancing", and an unnamed story based on the life of a young girl known as the Indian Joan-of-Arc. Esther's first two novels, "Murder in the Movies" and "Bay of the Moon", are making the publishing rounds.

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