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The First Luttrells In America

of Bristol, England

The first documented Luttrell in America was Mary Luttrell, daughter of Col. Luttrell of Bristol, England.  She married Adam Winthrop, 
fifth son of Adam Winthrop, and grandson of Gov. John Winthrop of Massachusetts. Adam, was a Graduate of Harvard College, 1668, a member of the Executive Council of Massachusetts, and a representative in the Colonial Legislature, having previously resided for some time in 
Bristol, England, where he married Mary, daughter of Col. Luttrell, of Bristol.  Upon Adam's death, Mary married Col. Joseph Lynde of Charlestown, MA.  
She died October 30, 1715.  
(From "A pedigree of the family of Winthrop : lords of the manor of Groton, County Suffolk, England ; afterwards of Boston and New London, in New England.)

In 1691 - 98, James Luttrell is in Northumberland Co., VA
In 1712 - 23, Simon Luttrell is in Westmoreland County, VA
​In 1722 - 66, Richard Luttrell is in Stafford, Prince William and Fauquier County, VA
(Richard's location doesn't change, only the county name)

Although these three early American Luttrells are documented living in close proximity,
proof of their possible relationships has not yet been established.

Some counties of northern VA info -
Northumberland County created in 1648. 
Westmoreland created from Northumberland in 1652-3.
Stafford created from Westmoreland in 1664.
Prince William created from western Stafford in 1731
Fauquier created from Prince William in 1759
(from Wikipedia)

 indentured immigrant

In 1671/2 "James Luttrell" was transported to Virginia
(from where is not given)
ROBINSON, 1350 acs., N'ampton County, on a br. of Muddy Cr., parting this & land of Griffin Savage; lying bet. Martin Moore & Wm. Hickman; adj. Wm. O Noughton & on a br. of Hunting Cr.; 23 Mar. 1671/72 p. 390. Trans. of 27 pers: James Latterell, Wm. Peterson, Jno. Joy (or Ivy), Jeffery Grigson, Ferdinand Hawker, Ben. Finch, Tho. Tulpe (or Tripe), Sara Pink, Hum Hawthorn, Eliza, Male, Jno. Dickason, James Davison, James Cobman, Jacob Jefferson, Peter Peterson, Wm. Thomason, Wm. Baker, Jno. Wheally, Jno. Drye. Ann Macklin, Hump, Lloyd, Wm. Swepston, Jno. Moodery, Jno. Philips, Hen. Sowerby, John Mackoine, Wm. Wheally.
[Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patients and Grants, Volume 2, 1666-1695, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, Page 101.]

In 1677 "James Luttrell" was transported to Maryland
(from where is not given)
 June 15th, 1678 warrant then granted unto Daniell Selby of Somerset County for one hundred and fifty acres of land due to him by the aforegoing ass't. from William Stevens: 
A list of persons transported into Maryland by Capt. William Piper.
Thomas Horsman, Tim Marcateilie, John Hamby, Richard Clarke, Will. Redman, Mick. Wall, James Loterill (Luttrell), James Canidie, Thomas Harlow, Charity ?Grumens, Kath. Fennile, Jane Morris, Ann Kelly, Jane Fannill, Cisty Shaw, Ann Coward, Ann ?Dodworth.
"These servants all landed and brought into Maryland by me Wm. Piper. These servants proved in common forme
 the ninteenth day of March Anno Domini 1677 before me: William Stevens.
Know all men by these presents that I William Piper marriner for a valuable consideration have and doe by these presents assigne and make over to Capt. Thomas Walker of Somerset County all my right title and interest clame and demand of and to the seventeen rights above menconed together with all profits and priviledes thereunto belonging To have and to hold the same to the said Thomas Walker his heirs and assignes forever as witness my hand and seal the nineteenth day of March anno domi 1677: William Piper {seal}" 
[Source: Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland - Land Office (Patents) 15, p. 720 (folio 499) James Loterill, transported by Capt. William Piper, transportation proved Mar. 19, 1677. 1p VTP.]
State of Maryland, State Archives, Hall of Records Commission, P. O. Box 828, Annapolis, MD 21404-0828, Phone: (301) 269-3915. Page 720 (743):

Both of the above records relate to a James Luttrell who is an indentured servant but there is no documentation showing the two records are for the same person.

James Luttrell had a son, John in 1691 in Northumberland County, VA
Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Northumberland County, Record of Births, 1661 – 1810
St Stephens Parish Pgs 470 - 471
Jo’n Lattrell Son To James Born Nov’r 10 1691

No other children are shown for James, although records for several children of John are shown in later years

Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Northumberland County, Record of Births, 1661 – 1810
St Stephens Parish Pgs 470 - 471

Susana Luttrell Daug’r To Jo’n Born Aug’t 12 1713
James Luttrell Son To Do Born May 6 1715
Jo’n Luttrell Son To Do Born Jully 16 1717
Rich’d Luttrell Son To Do Born Jully 22, 1719
. . .
Samuell Luttrell Son To Jo’n Born Sep’r 26 1721
. . .
Ruth Luttrell Daug’r To Jo’n & Ann Born Jun 23 1729 Same year as sister?
Ann LuttrellDaug’r To DoBorn Dec 23 1729 Same year as sister? Probably twin sisters.

James Luttrell died 1698

James Luttrell Probate 1698 
Ordered that Susanna Luttrell, widow & relict of James Luttrell, be allowed for her paraphernalia a flock bed and furniture appraised to four hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco out of her 1t deceased husband James Luttrell’s Estate.
[Source: Order Book 1678-98, p. 828, Court held 20 July 1698, Northumberland County, Virginia.]

James Luttrell purchased 100 acres of land in Northumberland County, Virginia in 1697, shortly before his death; and,
John Luttrell, son of James, possessed that land after James' death before selling it in 1742

19th Nov Anno 1697 Court Held For Northumberland County Dennis Cornehill & Geo: Noll attorney of Anne Cornewell having acknowledged Court and to James Littrell gte ordered this land recorded.
SOURCE: Northumberland County, Va, Court Order Book, 1678-1698, Part 1 & Part 2, p.799, Reel 48, Library of Virginia.

 Immigrant from Ireland

Dr. Terril Littrell, says Robert Luttrell was the son of Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland, when he brought his wife, Ann Preston (daughter of Viscount Gormanston) to settle in Virginia in the late 17th century. He also writes that they have two sons (a third died early in life) 
Simon (b. 1681) and Richard (b. abt. 1690).  A Robert Luttrell of Simonstown, county Kildare, Ireland, is documented as being attainted (found guilty of treason without a trial and dispossessed of his property) after the Irish Revolution in 1691.  However, no documentation has been found that shows he emigrated from Ireland.  There are also, apparently, no existing documents in America documenting his presence here.  There is only the family history recorded by Dr. Littrell and others.  There are also two men, Simon and Richard, who are documented in America in this time frame, who could well be sons of Robert Luttrell and Ann, but there is no documentation proving their relationship.

of Westmoreland Co., VA

In THE LUTTRELL FAMILY IN VIRGINIA, Dr. Terril Littrell says “Simon Luttrell, son of Robert Luttrell and Ann Gormanston was born in 1681. At age nine he was an apprentice to Thomas Cranfield, son of Richard Cranfield in the trade of Tile Cooper. Cranfield died, and Simon was then employed at age 18 to the Reverend Mr. William Thompson, former Episcopal minister of Southwork Parish, Surry County, Virginia, from 1662-1675 (?), and minister of Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, and Clerk of the County Court of Westmoreland.

From "The Thompson Family of Surry County, Virginia" we read that Rev. Thompson is the second wealthiest man in Southwark Parish in 1675 "with 6 white servants".  About 1679 or 1680 Rev. William’s Thompson removed to Westmoreland County, Virginia, where he became minister of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co., where he eventually died.  

Pg 34. Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1698-1705 Part One 1698-1699, Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman
At a Court held 26 April 1699 – Present: Wm. Peirce Gent., James Tayler Gent., Wm. Bridges Gent., Charles Ashton Gent;, justices.
. . .Simon Lutherall servant to Wm. Thompson, Clerk, is adjudged eighteen yeares of age and ordered to serve according to law

Simon was married to Elizabeth Pierce, daughter of Colonel William Pierce of Westmoreland County in 1712. They lived on a tract of land granted by Captain John Lord, siturated on Quantico Creek on the southside of the plantation where Madam Margret Farrow resided. This property had originally been in Prince William County, before the county lines were changed. This land was first conveyed by Thomas Banon of Stafford County, Virginia to Abraham Farrow, father of William Farrow, by deed dated April 5, 1728.  

Simon was a tobacco planter, slave owner, and appraised real estate in the county. He died in 1723. He and Elizabeth Pierce Luttrell had the following children: Simon, Jr.; John; Margret. The children were not of age when Simon died.”

Other researchers show Simon Luttrell 1st married Margaret Churchill, daughter of Samuel Churchill (d.17 Feb 1702/03, Northumberland County, Virginia).  Margaret died before 1714, if their information is correct.

In Simon's Will, probated Oct 8, 1723, no land is listed but one son receives a slave, one son receives Three Thousand Five Hundred pounds of tobacco and a daughter receives Two Thousand pounds of tobacco.  The daughter and, at least, one son is under age.  Simon's widow, Elizabeth, receives the remainder of his estate for her lifetime, then its to be equally divided between his two sons, Simon and John.

There are no suggestions of Simon's parents or a brother, Richard, in any documents found relating to Simon Luttrell.

There are two documents found showing a Simon Luttrell being transported into VA in 1704-05

In Westmoreland Co. Va Order Book 1698-1705 by John Frederick Dorman page 243a - 
[27 Sept 1704] Mr. Wm. Graham did swear that he had good rights to claime lands for the importation of eight persons 
into this colony, Simon Letterell is listed and was assigned to George Eskridge.

On May 2,1705 Symon Lotterell is shown as being transported by Augustine Smith
From Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol 3, Nell Marion Nugent
(May be a settler. Abbreviation used in book for servant not used for this Symon or other passengers)


There are multiple documents (deeds) beginning in 1722 showing a Richard Luttrell of Stafford County, or Prince William County, or Fauquier County, Virginia being granted many acres of land by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia (Lord Fairfax)  

In his will recorded in Fauquier County, on September 10, 1764, Richard lists his eleven children: James; Michael; Samuel; John; Richard; Anstiss; Mary; Susanna; Robert; Catherine; Sarah.  He divides the land previously acquired by grants (over 650 acres) between these children.

In 1722, Michael Dermont received a grant for 636 acres of land on Town Run, near Negro Run, in Stafford County adjacent to a 354 acre grant received by Richard Luttrell in 1722.  Michael Dermont Sr's 1730 will, which is now in the Library of Virginia, lists his wife Mary, children Michael, Catherine, and Mary, and his grandson William Miller. It also proves his daughter Mary's marriage to his first neighbor on Town Run, Richard Luttrell, Esq.

"...Catherine and her heirs forever and in case she dies without heirs that then the said land be equally divided between Richard Luttrells children namely Catherine, James, Richard and Michael Litterals."

Shown on the Rent Roll 1735-36 (Rd Lutteral) and from Michaelmass 1738 to Michaelmass 1739 [Prince William County, Virginia; Hamilton Parish]
Lutterall, Richard354 acres

There is no suggestion in any records related to Richard Luttrell as to his DOB, POB or the identity of his parents or possible siblings.  

Richard Luttrell land grants and deeds

By grant of 12 March 1722, the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virgina conveyed unto "Richd Lutterall" of Stafford County, a track of 354 acres of land lying on "Brent Town Run" in Stafford County, Virginia; 

7 July 1745, Lord Fairfax conveyed unto Richard "Lutteral" of Prince William County, a track of 58 acres of land adjoining the "said Lutterall's other land on a drain of Town Run." 

26 November 1760, by deed recorded in Fauquier County, Virginia, Richard Luttrell acquired from George Crump a track of 240 acres of land on a branch of Negro Run, which was granted to John Crump by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck on the 29 July 1745. 

By deed of 26 November 1760, Richard Luttrell, Sr., of Fauquier County, conveyed to his son, Samuel Luttrell, 70 acres of the 350 acres acquired from the Proprietors, as above shown.
Source: Allied Families of Read, Corbin, Luttrell Bywaters, by A.M. Prichard, Staunton, Virginia 1930.

Will of Richard Luttrell, Sr. 1766

Fauquier County, Virginia, Will Book 1, Page 95

In the name of GOD Amen, this 10th day of September 1764. I Richard LUTTRELL of Fauquier County, in the Colony of Virginia being of perfect health and sound mind and memory thanks be given to GOD for it therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to once die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that the hands of Almighty GOD that gave it and my body I recommend to earth to be buried in a decent christian burial at the descretion of my Executors nothing doubting that at the General resurection I shall receive the same by the Mighty of GOD and as touching such worldy estate wherewith it has pleased GOD to bless me in the manner following:

IN PRIMIS I give to my son James Luttrell, 70 acres of land more or less and being the land whereon he now lives and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son Michael Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less being the land whereon he now lives and being on the same side of the run that my son James lives on and bounded by me.
ITEM I give to my son Samuel Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less being the same land and plantation whereon he now lives and where John Collier formerly lived and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son John Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less it being that part of land whereon he now lives and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son Richard Luttrell my new patent of land containing 58 acres of land whereon he now lives.

ITEM I give to my daughter Antiss Luttrell part of the land that I bought off George Crump lying on the south side of Rocke Run that runs from John Nelsons old field to William Raussaus mill bounded by Woods line, Forsythes line and Dearmons line, containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my daughter Mary Luttrell part of the said land on the west side of the run bounded by Woods line, Dearmans line and Peters line and the ridge path that goes from John Combs to John Nelsons, containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my daughter Susan Luttrell the remainder part of the land on the west side of the said path bounded by woods line and Peters line, containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my son Robert Luttrell the plantation whereon I now live and the remaining part of my land adjoining to my said plantation being 74 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my son Robert one feather bed and furniture, my new gun, sword and coutch box.

ITEM I give to my daughter Catherine Corum five pounds of current money of the Colony to be raised within the compass of one year after my decease, out of what part of my moveable estate my Executors and Executri shall think most proper to sell for the raising of said money.

ITEM I give to my daughter Sarah Luttrell five pounds and my young bay mare branded on or near the buttock to be delivered to her at the age of eighteen or marryed.

ITEM I give to my granddaughter Mary Corum five pounds of current money of Virginia to be paid at the age of eighteen or when she is marryed.

ITEM I give to my loving wife, Mary all the rest of my moveable estate to be by possessed and enjoyed during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst my children.

ITEM I constitute my loving wife, Mary and sons, Richard and Robert Luttrell to be Executors of this my last will and testament and do hereby utterly, disallow, revoke and dismell all and every other former testament, wills legates and bequeathed ratifying this to be my last will and testament and no other in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand seal, day and year above written VS.


Richard X Luttrell


Signed sealed and delivered by said Richard Luttrell on his Last Will and Testament.

HIS Edward X Lorrence Mark HIS Richard Luttrell Mark

Edward Lorrence  
Richard Lorrence  

At a court held for Fauquier County, Virginia, 26th day of May 1766 this will was proved by Edward Lorrence--Witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Richard Luttrell and Robert Luttrell who made oath and acknowledged bond as the law directs Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form