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(d. 1829)
third earl of Carhampton
Elder brother of Capt. James Luttrell,
with whom he is frequently confused.
A captain in the navy of 1762 (e.g. European Mag. 1783, iii. 6).  When captain of the Charon, he commanded the squadron which reduced Omoa in the Gulf of Honduras on 17 Oct. 1779 (BEATSON, iv. 484). He afterwards retired from the service; was in 1784 appointed one of the commissioners for managing the excise; in 1787, on the death of Lord Waltham, his first wife's brother, took the name and arms of Olmius; he succeeded as third Earl of Carhampton in 1821 (on death of his brother, Henry Lawes Luttrell, the second earl of Carhampton). After his first wife's death in 1797, he married in 1798, Maria, daughter of John Morgan, recorder of Maidstone; and died in 1829, when the title became extinct (UHARNOCK, Biog. Nav. vi. 507).

[Gent. Mag. 1788, pt. ii. p. 1131 ; Beatson's Nav. and Mil. Memoirs, v. 677 ; Memoirs of Sir Michael Seymour, Bart, (privatelyprinwd, 1878), pp. 4-12; Nary Lists; commission and warrant books in Public Record Office.] .T. K. L.
from Dictionary of National Biography
from Journal of Rear-Admiral Bartholomew James, 1752-1828

. . .we sailed from the Mosquito shore on the 6th instant with
light westerly winds, and on the 7th saw three large
sail to the northward in chase of us, which having
spoke, we found to be his Majesty's ships Charon,
Lowestoft and Pomona on a cruise ; they confirmed
the success of the Spaniards in the Gulf of Honduras,
and further informed us that they had been
in quest of two Spanish galleons, which had taken
shelter under the garrison of Saint Ferdinand de
Omoa, which place they found too strong to make
an attack against ; but the reinforcement of the
Porcupine and Indians being judged sufficient, it
was unanimously agreed to besiege the place by sea
and land. We accordingly put ourselves under the
command of Commodore Luttrell,1 and made sail to
the westward. The 8th we passed the island of
Bonacca. Moving slowly on with variable winds,
making scaling ladders, fascines, and the proper
arrangements for the attack, on the loth we anchored
in the Bay of Truxillo, where we watered
and wooded the ships, and on the nth sailed again
with our whole force, consisting of the following
ships and vessels :
Guns Men
Charon . . .44 300
Lowestoft . . -32 220
Pomona . . .28 200
Porcupine . . .16 100
Racehorse... 8 50
Peggy ... 6 15
loo Indians and Volunteers
12 Loyal Irish.
1 John Luttrell, afterwards Luttrell-Olmius, third Earl of
Carhampton, a captain of 1762. Shortly after the Charon returned to England he retired, and in 1784 was made Commissioner of Excise. See/w/, p. 90.


"In September 1779 when Dalling learned that the Spanish were attacking Belize, he sent a naval force there under John Lutterell.  Commanding three frigates and a schooner. . .he arrived too late, but was able to cooperate with Captain William Dalrymple in launching an unauthorized attack on Fort Omoa.  The fort was taken but abandoned with the approach of the Spanish relief force". 
from Historical Dictionary of Honduras