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John Luttrell
b.    d.
Sheriff of Dublin 1563 & 1567 (8)

The following is an account from

A. D. 1568.  This year great care was taken to prevent clandestine trade on the coasts near Dublin, and for that purpose sheriff Luttrell went by sea to Skerries, and seized a bark from Wexford retailing yarn and salt, and brought the vessel and master up to Dublin, who giving his promise that neither he nor his neighbours should for the future do the like on this coast, he was fined only a mark.  The day following the sheriff took with him the mayor of the bull-ring, and the trumpets and drums of the city, together with a chosen company of young citizens, and passed down to the new haven of Brymo, where they seized the Trinity of Milford retailing culm, the master of which took his oath to be in Dublin next day, and then a fine of 40s. was accepted from him;  whereas both vessels; were by law forfeited.