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Information about

Elizabeth Luttrell

daughter of Simon Luttrell, Lord Carhampton
and Judith Maria Lawes
(sole heiress of Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica)

Siblings of Lady Elizabeth Luttrell

Henry Lawes Luttrell, second Earl of Carhampton

John Luttrell (later Luttrell-Olmius), third Earl of Carhampton

Lady Anne Luttrell (m. 1 - Horton)
m. 2 - Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland (brother of King George IV)

Capt. James Luttrell

Lucy Luttrell (m. Capt. Moriaty)

from Ball's History of the County Dublin

Elizabeth Luttrell, eldest sister of the Duchess of Cumberland, Lady Anne Frederick.  She was called in derision Princess Elizabeth, being a coarse, unprincipled woman, devoured by a love of play.

This passion brought about her tragical end.  She was imprisoned in the Fleet for her gambling debts; and gave a hairdresser 50 pounds to marry her, which, according to the then state of the debtors' law, enabled her to procure a release.  She went to Germany, where she was convicted of picking pockets, was sentenced, and condemned to clean the streets chained to a wheelbarrow.  The unfortunate woman poisoned herself.


On the 11th of March, 1797, her Ladyship (Lady Buckinghamshire), together with Lady E. Lutterell and a Mrs Stuart, were convicted at the Marlborough Street Police-court, in the penalty of £50, for playing at the game of Faro; and Henry Martindale was convicted in the sum of £200, for keeping the Faro table at Lady Buckinghamshire's. The witnesses had been servants of her Ladyship, recently discharged on account of a late extraordinary loss of 500 guineas from her Ladyship's house, belonging to the Faro bank.[103]


from Notes and Queries   By Martim de Albuquerque

"Bad Lady Betty" by W. D. Scull  (Matthews)
This clever and powerful play. . .gives an animated picture of Lady Elizabeth Luttrell, the sister of the Duchess of Cumberland, and of other Luttrells of Four Oaks.

"Walk in Kew Garden" by
Thomas Gainsborough
The Duke and Duchess of Cumberland and Lady Elizabeth Luttrell
The picture hangs in the corridor at Windsor Castle