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Lewis Palmer Luttrell
b. Feb. 7, 1862 in Franklin, Morgan Co., Illinois
m. (1)Katie Brown, Oct. 14, 1888 in Bellevue, Bossier Parish, Louisiana
L. P. and Kate separated in 1905
m. (2) Ann Chelette abt 1924 probably Goose Creek, Harris Co., TX
d. July 30, 1947 at Goose Creek, Harris Co., Texas

Children of Lewis and Kate: 

Elmer Ellsworth 
b. August 23, 1889, Alden Bridge, Louisiana
Navy 1905-1911; m. Jessie Booth 
d. April 1968?

b. November 5, 1890, Alden Bridge, LA
d. December 6, 1890

Mary Ann
b. July 27, 1892, Alden Bridge, LA
m. 1908, Benjamin Hughes "Jake" Adams (b. 6 Jun 1885,
Karnack, Harrison Co., TX)

Claude Atherton
b. June 29, 1894, Alden Bridge, LA
d. Dec 5, 1941 

b. Feb 22, 1896; d. Nov 22, 1974; m. Lon Hearn 1911

Roma (Polly)
b. April 11,1898

Joe Bailey
b. Aug 21, 1900; d. abt 1966; m. Annie Lee Daniels

Grady Mellville
b. Feb. 11, 1903, Karnack, TX  d. Oct (or Dec) 10, 1910

Son of James Monroe* and Mary Ann Ward Luttrell

Lewis's mother dies in childbirth 1873.  His father is apparently deceased by this time also.  Lewis and his siblings are sent to homes of different family members.

Ramsey and Mrs. Guy Martin information shows "James Madison
Claude Atherton Luttrell, Sr. (grandson of J. M.) diary notes show "James Monroe".   Article about William T. Luttrell in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Morgan and Scott Counties, Illinois" by Chapman Brothers, 1889 also shows "James Monroe".

Siblings of Lewis Palmer Luttrell
Thomas Edward, Ernest, Cora, and Mamie**

**Mamie not shown in other sources.  "Mamie" (spelling questionable) shown in diary entry of Claude Atherton Luttrell, Sr. with notation "adopted (child) by Smith".

In notebook of Claude A. Luttrell, Jr., reference is made to a “letter from Aunt Mary (dau. of L. P. Luttrell) of July 21, 1953. . .
“L. P. Luttrell born in Springfield, IL. . .came south at age 24.  Was age 10 when his mother died in childbirth.  Dr. took baby girl and raised her.  A brother Tom came to Texas in 1901.  Had brother named Earnest.  Grandad often spoke of Wright family.”


Lewis Palmer Luttrell was a logger and timber estimator.  He purchased land in Bossier and Caddo Parishes, LA and Harrison Co., TX for timber.  He had pair of horses (Pat and Rat) he used in logging business.  His sons, Elmer, Claude, Joe Bailey, and son-in-laws Jake Adams, Lon Hearn, and probably Roma's husband (?) all worked in oil/gas fields of LA, AR, TX as drillers/roughnecks. (per CAL Jr.)

1880 Census - Morgan County, Illinois
Lewis Luttrell listed in household of George M. and Catherine Wright.
Listed as "laborer" and "farmer"
Wright's children shown are William, Effie, Charles and Myrtle

According to Franklin, Illinois newspaper article, "Off the Reel" (abt. 1941), "Kate" Wright is Lewis Palmer's mother's sister.  Mrs. Effie Glenn, Mrs. Reuben Jones and Carl Luttrell are his cousins.  He left Franklin in the 80's and drifted south.  He has a son at 600 Owing Street, Longview, Texas, "six children living, 22 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren".  "He owns a home at Goose Creek, Texas; he "writes legibly without glasses", and "took a five mile walk one day this spring" (he celebrated birthday #79 the previous February).

According to Laura Estelle Hammett Luttrell (Mrs. Claude A Luttrell, Sr), L. P. and Kate "separated in 1905.  L. P. stayed at Karnack, TX.  Kate and children went to Alden Bridge, LA.  L. P. sent Elmer (age 16) to Navy to keep him from helping Kate, hoping Kate would come back".

In notes by Claude A. Luttrell, Sr, "Dad lived with Bud at Gilliam, went to Chester, 1919, then to Goose Creek (TX) in 1924, married Ann Chelette".

Jan.1906 - Jan 1911 Lewis owned land near Karnack, Harrison Co., Texas
1910 census shows "L. P. Luttner" in Harrison Co., Justice Precinct 2, District 0036 
 listed alone, age 48, "no. years married" - 21; occupation - farmer

Death Certificate - 30 Jul 1947 
Residence address - 210 E. Homan, Goose Creek (Baytown), TX (died at home)
mother - Mary Ann; father - James; both born Franklin Co., Illinois
Buried in "Rest Haven, Houton, TX"

Louisa Katherine "Kate" Brown
b. Oct. 24, 1866, Birmingham, Alabama
d. 18 Jan 1928, Tullos, Louisiana

Father's Name:  George Brown
Mother's name: Nancy Ann Underwood, b. 1839, AL; d.1905, Alden Bridge, Bossier Parish, LA.  
Had a brother, Marshall, who died 1906
.  (per Llewellyn A. George, grdau of Mary Ann Luttrell)
​1880 census for Bossier Parish, LA shows Nancy, Kate and Alonzo, age 6 in home of Hugh M. Underwood.

From notes of Claude A Luttrell, Jr
"Kate & L. P. separated in 1905.  Kate went to Grandma's in Alden Bridge, LA; 
married 'Dad Wood' in 1911 or 1912"  
H. M. Underwood (Uncle Marshall Underwood) was witness on Kate and Lewis's wedding license.
Kate and Lewis "separated in 1905".  Kate married "Dad Wood in 1911 or 1912 at Oil City (LA)"

Louisa Katherine Luttrell married (2nd) B F Wood 2/26/1912 
per CaddoParish Bk 38, pg 398

Luttrell Roots
Recollections of Mary Ann Luttrell (dau of Kate Brown)
(written by her daughter)

Momma Ann’s mother was Louisa Katherine Brown, oldest child of George and Nancy Ann Brown; born 24 October 1866 in Birmingham AL. Kate was only eight years old when her father died and they went to live in Uncle Hugh’s (Underwood) big house.

Kate had light brown hair, blue eyes and a very fair, clear complexion

She married, second, Mr. B. F. Wood and at her death, 18 Jan 1928, was buried at Mooringsport (Caddo Parish), LA with a tombstone which reads simply “Mrs. Wood”.

George Brown married Nancy Ann Underwood, sister of Hugh M Underwood.
The earliest record available for them is the birth of their daughter Louisa Katherine in 1866.
George died about 1874; about the year Alonzo was born to Nancy in Louisiana.
Nancy died in 1905 at age 66.

Addl Mary Ann Luttrell info -
Kate born in Alabama. . .in 1866. . .came to Bossier Parish when she was 3 weeks old
Lewis Palmer Luttrell met Kate at the boarding house run by her mother (Nancy Brown)

1910 US Census for Caddo Parish LA (southwest half of ward 2)
current ward map shows Ward 2 on north side of Caddo Lake, vicinity of Oil City
Kate, age 43, head of household, keeper of boarding house (rented not owned), widowed
Claud 15, Georgia 14, Romie 12, Joseph B 9, and Grady 7 and one boarder, Fred McMichael age 24.
Kate ran a boarding house in Oil City during the oil boom time (about 1905 - 15).  Howard R Hughes was the Postmaster there and inventor of a rotary drill bit that established the beginning of a great Hughes fortune, Hughes Tool Co., which the son built upon.

All of Kate and Lewis' sons would go to work in the oil fields.  Buck (C A) followed his older brother, Elmer, and began working in the oil fields in 1910 and drilled his first well there in 1913 when he was 19 years old.  Joe Bailey would soon follow.  It is not known if they were on the "Ferry Lake No. 1"  which was the first "over-water" well successfully completed in Caddo Lake near Oil City in 1911.
Kate Luttrell, front, with son, Claude A. Luttrell, Sr. (behind her) and possibly other children.  Possibly Joe Bailey on left, ? next to him and Mary on right.
Click here to see a larger image
Lewis Palmer Luttrell
Feb 1941 article from Waverly IL newspaper - editor is Lewis' cousin
Is this "our" Lewis P Luttrell?
Houston newspaper article 
Nov. 24 1912 re: a Pansy Lesh 
on trial for murdering two women -
 Louis Luttrell a Texas farmer is prominently mentioned but says he has never met Ms Lesh but she is the daughter of his sister, whom he has not seen in 20 years. 
 In other articles about the same case he is mentioned as being from Franklin, Illinois and being "wealthy".

"ENTITLED TO SHARE OF ESTATE" Santa Cruz Evening News - Santa Clara,CA Dec 2, 1912
Jacksonville, Illinois - 
"Mrs. Pansy Ellen Hastings Lesh, who was recently acquitted by a jury in Sedalla, Missouri, of her confessed murder of two women by poisoning, near that city, arrived here today accompanied by her uncle, 
L. P. Luttrell of Franklin, Illinois. 
Mrs. Lesh says she will visit here for a short time and later return to her former home in Los Angeles, California. She will remain in Jacksonville until the Luttrell estate is settled. Mrs. Lesh is one of the heirs entitled to a share of $37,000." 
 (This was a few days after death of Hiram Hastings - Pansy's father)

Yes, it is our 
Lewis Palmer Luttrell, 
and Pansy is his niece, daughter of his sister Cora.  Lewis and his siblings were separated after the death of their mother in 1873, after the birth of their sister, Mamie.  Apparently, he hadn't seen his sister, Cora, in a long time.

There is another Louis Luttrell in Texas during this time.  Louis F Luttrell shown in 1918 & 1920 Ft Worth TX City Directory living at 1315 N. Jones.  It must be he who is shown in the Texas, Court of Criminal Appeal Indexes, 1892-1947
Life in Oil City during the boom years
from Louisiana History of Caddo Parish by Samuel J Touchstone, provided by the helpful folks at the Oil City Museum
RE names of Lewis Palmer 
and Claude Atherton Luttrell

Lewis Palmer Luttrell had a 
cousin named Claude 
(son of John, son of 
John Rutherford Luttrell)..
Atherton - LPL had an uncle named 
Atherton Van Winkle.
Palmer -Lewis Palmer Luttrell's 
mother's mother, 
Elizabeth Boyer Ward Palmer, 
was married to a Mr. Palmer after 
death of John Ward, LPL's grandfather.