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Luttrells in Ireland Prior to the 18th Century
(from various documented records)
From "A Collection of Ireish Lists", Vol. VII, compiled by Capt. G. S. Cary from various sources

"A List of the Residents in the County of Dublin 
in 1664".  

"This list has been compiled from a transcript of the Hearth Money Roll. which I made from the original then in the Public Record Office of Ireland, and which afterwards perished by fire."

"Names and addresses of residents in Co. Dublin in 1664. with number of hearths."

Luttrell, John  -  Combe & Newroe, Liberty of Donore  -  2
Luttrell, Patr.  -  Finglas  -  1
Luttrell, Richard  -  Tybrodane, Cravagh  -  1
Luttrell, Thomas, Esq. Luttrellstowne  -  Clonsasllogh  -  12

From "A Collection of Ireish Lists", Vol. III
"Bailiffs & Sheriffs of Dublin City, 1308 - 1884."

Luttrell, Adam - 1571
Luttrell, John - 1563. 1567.
Luttrell, Simon - 1532

Name, Place, and Occupation  Year 

Lutterell, James, Tupperbyr, 1587
Lutterell, Mary, (alias Fitzwilliam), 1733
Lutterell, William, Dublin, baker, 1676
Lutterell, William, Schoolhouse-lane, gentleman, 1686
Lutterell, William and Mary Ennos, 1639

Luttrell, Frances and Walter Grace, 1664

Luttrell, James, Luttrellstown, 1554
Luttrell, James, Dublin, barber surgeon, 1660
Luttrell, Joan, Dublin, widow, 1672

Luttrell, Mary (alias English), Corn Markett, widow, 1687
Luttrell, Mary (alias Fitzwilliam), 1736
Luttrell, Mary, Dublin, spinster, 1745

Luttrell, Simon and Catherine Newcomen, 1672
Luttrell, Stephen, Luttrellstowne, gentleman, 1663
Luttrell, Thomas (Sir), Luttrellston, knight, 1553
Luttrell, Thomas, Luttrellstown, co. Dub., 1638
Luttrell, Thomas and Alice Warren, 1671
Luttrill, John, George's-quay, gabbardman, 1748

"Addenda to Dublin Grant Index"

Lutterell, Patrick and Isabella Addison, 1734

Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland
contributed by Bev Woodger

1604  Lutterell, John, Dublin, sabeller?
1577  Lutterell, Simon, Russardstown, co. Dublin

1772  Luttrell, Alice, Dublin, spinster
1794  Luttrell, James, capt in His Majesty's Navy (Copy)

1620  Luttrell, John, Killeigh, co. Dublin, gent.
1803  Luttrell, John, Ashtown, co. Kildare, farmer
1754  Luttrell, Margrett, Phoenix-street, spinster (the original transmitted to the delegates in England in 1742)
1567  Luttrell, Nicholas, Clonsilla, co. Dublin, gent.
1610  Luttrell, Nicholas, Luttrellstown, co. Dublin, gent.

1634  Luttrell, Richard, Dublin
1595  Luttrell, Robert, Dublin, baker

1730  Luttrell, Robert, Luttrellstown, co. Dublin, esp.

1597  Luttrell, Simon, Luttrellstown, co. Dublin, esq.
1540  Luttrell, Symon, Dublin, merchant

1634  Luttrell, Thomas, Luttrellstown, co. Dublin, esq.

1673  Luttrell, Thomas, Ranoghern, co.Westmeath, esq
1757  Luttrell, Thomas, Dublin, merchant

1676  Luttrell, William, Schoolhouse-lane, Dublin, gent.
1732  Luttrell, William, Belgard, co. Kildare, gent.
1717  Luttrill, Henry, Dublin, esq.
From "The Civil Survey, A. D. 1654-1656, Vol. VII, County of Dublin"

"Index of Proprietors ('Irish Papists')"

Luttrell, Thomas  pg. 3

From "The Civil Survey, A. D. 1654-1656, County of Meath, Vol. V"

"An Alphabeticall Index of the Names of Such Irish Papists As Were Proprietors Of Lands In The Barrony Of Dulleeke In Ye Yeare 1640"

Simon Lutterall  pgs 41: 43: 51
James L. 1587 not PC - possibly rel to Richard & Robt of Dublin (see Wills)
Notes in red are those of webmaster - feel free to contact me regarding any of these - esp. if you have documentation.

"PC" = "Parish of Clonsilla" from "History of County Dublin" by Ball
No ref in PC to these William L
James L. d. 1557 m. Sarsfield 1556 per PC
James L - Dublin 1660 - the immigrant to America 1661/7?  Does it refer to a WILL or other record (such as land sale)?  If WILL, then James the immigrant would have been James, Jr. and he wouldn't be 60 when children born.
Stephen, Sir Thomas & Thomas of Luttrellstown all in PC

Is Thomas (m. A Warren) 1671 the "only surviving son of Thomas L. of Luttrellstown who died 1634?  He was said to have "settled in Westmeath; educ. in England" PC

"Irish Pedigrees" shows "Thomas who m. Alice Warren and had two sons and two daughters".
John L probably not son of Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d. 1634) as Thomas L. of co. Westmeath "only surviving son" as of abt 1663 per PC.

No ref to Patr. or Richard in PC
Are Adam L and John L brothers?
Is Simon L their father?
Same Symon L who is merchant with 1540 will?
or Simon of Russardstown with 1577 will?
Sir Thomas L of Luttrellstown (d. 1554) had brother Simon who d. bef. 1554 and son John who d. 1620
John L. d. 1620 - son of Sir Thomas L of Luttrellstown (d. 1554) per PC - therefore b. bef 1554
Robert L. 1730 - Son of Col. Henry L?
Simon L. 1597 - 3rd son of Sir Thomas L. (who d. 1554)
Symon L, 1540 will - bro. of Sir Thomas of Luttrellstown (d. 1554)?
Richard L. d. 1634, son of Robert L. d. 1595.  Richard L. father of James the immigrant to America abt 1661/7
Robert L. 1595 - son of Sir Thomas L (d. 1554)
Nicholas L., d. 1567, was cousin of Sir Thomas L (d. 1554), had "numerous family" per PC
Col. Henry Luttrell of Luttrellstown
IRISH PEDIGREES shows "William L. (d. 1676) of Corn Market who m. Mary English"
"Irish Pedigrees" show "William L. of Belgad, who d. 1730: son of Thomas"
Thomas L (d. 1673) same ? as 
m. Alice Warren with 2 s & 2 dau - William of Belgad (d. 1730), Thomas L.-merchant, Mary (m. Fitzwilliam) & Anne (m. Talbot of Malahide)
"Irish Pedigrees" show "William L. of Corn Market who d. 1676, m. Mary English" 
From "Indexes to Irish Wills", edited by W. P. W. Phillimore and Gertrude Thrift, orig. publ. 1909

from "Leighlin Wills 1652 - 1800"

1712  Luttrell, als. Bowen, Jone, Rathgilbert, Queen's Co.
From the "Census of Ireland - circa 1659, With Supplementary Material from the Poll Money Ordinances (1660 - 1661)", edited by Seamus Pender, M. A. (lecturer in History, Univ. College, Cork), publ. 1939

County of Dublin, Barony of Castleknocke, Parish of Malahiddart, Poocestowne -  20 people (3 Eng - 17 Irish) - Tituladoes Names - Thomas Luttrell, esq. 

County of Dublin, Barony of Castleknocke, Parish of Clonsillagh, Luttrellstowne - 31 people (16 Eng. - 15 Irish)
Tituladoes Names - Sir William Berry, Knt.

County of Dublin, Barony of Neithercross, Parish of Finglass, Finglas - 92 people (36 Eng - 56 Irish) - Tituladoes Names - . . . Nicholas Luttrell, gent. . . .

County of Meath, Barony of Ratouth, Parish of Rathregan, Poorestowne - 5 people (5 Irish) - Tituladoes Names - Michaell Litterell, gent.
This is during "Commonwealth" period.  Luttrells are dispossessed of Luttrellstown by Parliamentarians until 1663.
Ireland Church Records
(Posted 18 Dec 2019, Glenn Luttrell)

Baptism, Marriage and Burial results for Lutterell
 from 1533 to 1700

St Michan's Church, Dublin

Burial of GEORGE LUTTERELL on 18 August 1637
  sonne of James Lutterell

Burial of GREGORY LUTTRELL on 18 March 1653 
sonne of James Luttrell

Burial of PATRICKE LUTTERILL on 7 February 1640
sonne of James Lutterill

Burial of MATTHEW LUTTERELL on 4 October 1663

Burial of NICHOLAS LUTTERELL on 22 October 1643

Burial of STEPHEN LUTTERELL on 12 December 1686 Labourer

Burial of JOANE LUTTERELL on 2 February 1672Widdow Joane Lutterell from Skiner Roe

Marriage of DANNIEL ROWRK and 

 ST. JOHN'S Church, Dublin

Marriage of THOMAS CHURCHARD and 
JANE LUTRELL on 26 May 1622

Marriage of CHARLS JONSON and URSELLA LUTTRELL  on 22 January 1634

Baptism of THOMAS LUTRELL  on 20 October 1633 Father Richard Lutrell  Mother Lutrell
Burial of THOMAS LUTTRELL on 29 November 1639

Baptism of NICHOLAS LUTTEREL on 27 December 1642Father Richard Lutterel

 ST. AUDOEN Church, Dublin

Burial of WILLIAM LUTRELL on 29 November 1676

ST. CATHERINE'S Church, Dublin

Burial of MARY LUTRELL on 9 July 1688

Burial of ANN LUTRELL on 4 February 1680Widdow
Calendar of Inquisitions for County Dublin

(18 Dec 2019 by Glenn Luttrell)
Not all Luttrell references in this document are shown  below

Oct 1539 – reference to Robert Luttrell in 
St Catherine’s Parish. . .”a yard there (St. Olave’s Parish) held by Robert Lutterell worth 4s. . . .

8 Mar 1534 – Robert Lutterell of Dublin, carpenter

Nov 1543 – ref to property granted to William, s.of Thomas Luttrell, and Joan Brown his wife (of Wm.)

Dec 1547 – ref to property in co. Dublin granted (by Will?) to “Thomas Lutrell of Tyrrelliston, husbandman”

1555 - Will  Patrick Fynglas mentions Andrew Luttrell and his sister Ellin Plunket 

1582Janet Luttrell, widow of Walter Locke of Culmyne, co. Dublin and William Luttrell w/adjacent properties

20 Apr 1599 - document witnessed by Henry Luttrell, lessee of Giltons, Co.Kildare; mark by James Luttrell 

12 May 1603 - Edward Luttrell, witness to attornment on property document re several Cusacks

1591 William Luttrell of Terrelston and Richard Luttrell of Terrelston witness to "livery of seisin" on document. William Luttrell also noted as "tenant of Luttrellston"

8 Feb 1606. Grant by John Bremingham of Dunfert.  Edward Luttrell, gent., attorney to deliver seisin

Simon Luttrell, A
18 May 1694. Kilmainham.  
Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstowne, esq. outlawed and attainted at Kilmainham on 6 Apr 1691 for high treason at Swords on 20 Aug 1689

10 Feb 1623 deed. . . grant of various lands in co. Dublin to . . . and John Luttrell of Killeighe.  Witnesses include Thomas and Alexander Luttrell

Pg 489Deed. English. Leading the uses of a recovery to be suffered by Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown, esq., recoverer Peter Reade of Dublin, gent., of lands in . . .Lucan, Lutherstown, . . . Clonsillagh. . .and other properties. . . “to be held to the use of Simon Luttrell for life then to his eldest s. by Catherine Newcomen, alias Luttrell” . . . “to Simon’s heirs male by any other wife, to Henry Luttrell, Simon’s brother” . . . “to Thomas, Simon’s third brother, for life, and then to his son’s successively in t.m., to Robert Luttrell of Symonstowne, co. Kildare, gent., Simon’s uncle. . . 
to Michael, s. of Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstowne, gent., to Patrick another s. of Oliver 
to William Luttrell of Old Cornmarket, Dublin 
to Oliver s. of Robert Luttrell of Liscarten, gent., 
to Michael another son, 
to Stephen Luttrell of co. Kildare, gent., 
to Henry bro. of Stephen, 
to Patrick s. of James Luttrell of Dublin, chirurgen, 
to Luke, another son of James, 
to William Luttrell of Dublin, baker, 
to Richard Luttrell of Naas, chandler, and 
to Patrick Luttrell of Naas, shoemaker, all in t.m., and finally to Simon’s right heirs forever provided that if Simon die without heirs male and Catherine survive him, she shall have the house, mill and demesne of Luttrellstown in addition to the jointure appointed to her by a deed of 16 Aug 1672 between Thomas Luttrell of Lutrellstone and Sir Thomas Newcomen of Sutton, co. Dublin, Francis Barnewall of Beggstowne, co. Meath, esq., & Jenico viscount Gormanstown & that is she bear him a posthumous child, she shall maintain it until age 21, . . . (multiple other conditions and terms).

This document provides greater definition to previously unconnected Luttrells who are close relatives (uncles, cousins, etc.) to Col. Simon Luttrell and the Luttrells of Luttrellstown, co. Dublin, IR.  GEL