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Nicholas Luttrell
of Clonsilla, County Dublin, Ireland

b. ________  d. abt 1567 (WILL made in 1568)

Son of Robert Luttrell and __________

Grandson of Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown and Ellen, daughter of Phillip Bellew

Possible sibling of Nicholas Luttrell
Patrick Luttrell, also "cousin of Sir Thomas Luttrell"

In Sir Thomas Luttrell’s Will - listed his cousin Nicholas as a potential heir after his sons, should they die or fail to produce male heirs, Nicholas Luttrell, son of Robert Luttrell, Sir Thomas Luttrell's uncle.  Robert Luttrell, therefore, is the son of Thomas Luttrell and Ellen, daughter of Philip Bellew. 

Nicholas Luttrell occupies a house of considerable size besides the castle (Luttrellstown), within the parish of Clonsilla.
Nicholas Luttrell appears from his will, made in 1568, to have been a man of good position, possessed of flocks and herds and 
much household goods, including plate, which he divided amongst a somewhat numerous family.  (3) F E Ball


On 25 Apr 1557. . .Nicholas Luttrell was granted all mes., etc. in Clonshillaghe for life. 
(“mes.” is dwelling plus secondary buildings and structures and the land with them)

7 Nov 1570On 5 Jul 1555 Nicholas and James Luttrell (son & heir of Sir Thomas Luttrell) granted lands. . .they “have since died” (bef. 7 Nov 1570)

24 Apr 1558 Probate of James Luttrell's estate (son & heir of Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown).  References are to WILL of Sir Thomas Luttrell.
Will also mentions lands in Dunboyne, called Sopocke, held on lease from Patrick Luttrell. . . .He leaves 20 m. to Margaret Luttrell, dau. of his cousin, Patrick Luttrell, for marriage portion. He leaves 20 m. to his cousin Nicholas for the marriage of his daughter.

Calendar of Inquisitions Formerly In The Office Of The Chief Remembrancer of The Exchequer Prepared From The MSS Of The Irish Record Commission
by Margaret C. Griffith (10)