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Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell, a native of Tanzania, moved to Canada with her family at the young age of five and she studied classical ballet, voice and music. Her musical capacities may in part be inherited from her father, who was internationally celebrated as a member of the Toronto Mendelsohn choir. It is little surprise that Rachel Luttrell soon became her father's best singing pupil.
The soulful Rachel Luttrell has three sisters and is a Capricorn. In addition to her naked sense of talent, she is also academically gifted: she recently studied Shakespeare abroad at Oxford University and was part of the British-American Drama Association's prominent President's Group. And an interesting piece of trivia about the star is that she is also a certified bartender. Well, we may suddenly be heading to the bar more often.
Rachel Luttrell is best known as Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis. A beautiful and enchanting woman, Teyla Emmagan is a member of a fallen alien world and has lost many family members to the Wraith. Despite her young age, Teyla Emmagan manages to be a leader and a survivor. Stargate Atlantis', aired in 2004, has recently been renewed for a 3rd  season. In addition to viewing Rachel Luttrell in the Women of Sci-Fi Calendar and The Making of the Women of Sci-Fi DVD, this means that fans can also view Rachel Luttrell's encore performances on Stargate.
The sizzling star made her debut in the Toronto production of Miss Saigon and was later cast in another Toronto production, Beauty and the Beast. Rachel Luttrell's television credit's include E.R., Charmed, and Touched by an Angel, to mention but a few. Among her film credits are The Imposter (2000) and Joe's So Mean to Josephine (1997).
Although Rachel Luttrell has lived in many locations, Vancouver, her current place of residence, remains a favourite. When asked in an interview with GateWorld her thoughts about Vancouver, Rachel Luttrell replied: "It is so beautiful here. It is just so, so beautifulthe rain makes the plants vibrantly green. And it's breathtaking, the mountains and the ocean."



(Sci Fi Wire) -- Rachel Luttrell, who plays Teyla Emmagan in SCI FI Channel's upcoming original series Stargate Atlantis, told SCI FI Wire that she had to bone up on martial arts to play the leader of an alien world. "I do a lot of fighting. That will be a definite part of my presence on the show," Luttrell said in an interview on the show's set near Vancouver, B.C. "So I'm learning kali, which is a form of Filipino martial arts [stick fighting], and now I'm learning a bit of kung fu and  boxing and hand-to-hand and knife [fighting]."

Luttrell's character is a human on the alien world of Athos in the Pegasus galaxy, who encounters a team of Earth explorers. "I come from a civilization which is, in comparison to Earth, slightly more primitive," Luttrell said. "We have some technological advances, like we can start fire with lasers and  stuff like that. And  we have a civilization that has reached a certain level of advancement. But we're kind of keeping that under wraps right now, because we're living under the threat of this horrific enemy called the Wraith. So we live in tents, and we move our settlements again and again and again to try and stay away from the Wraith. And essentially what ends up happening is  the Atlantis team members find us, and we end up battling with the Wraith, and my people end up having to evacuate the planet. And so we move to Atlantis, and I end up joining the team."

Luttrell, who had some training as a dancer, had to learn a variety of fighting skills to play the warrior. "I am the leader of my people, so I am a warrior, and I am probably, at this point, the one who knows the most about the Wraith," she said. "So I make a good addition to the team." Stargate Atlantis premieres in the US with a two-hour episode, "Rising," at 9 p.m. ET/PT on July 16.

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