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Richard Luttrell
of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Son of Sir Thomas Luttrell (d. 1554) of Luttrellstown

​Is this the son of Sir Thomas or the son of his cousin, Nicholas Luttrell of Clonsilla?

Sir Thomas Luttrell's cousin, Nicholas, named sons Richard, Andrew and Harry in his Will of 1567. 
Although Nicholas resided in Clonsilla, near Luttrellstown, would his son have been referred to in official records 
as "of Luttrellstown"? If so, then this is most likely who the records refer to and not Richard Luttrell, 
son of Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown.

​Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reigns ...By Ireland. Chancery
1538 – 9 29 & 30 Henry VIII
Pardon of David Cowill, late of Palmerston, near Dublin, and William Archebold of the same, millers,
 for stealing L20 (20 pounds) in silver in a purse, from Richard Luttrell.

1567-8  In Nicholas Luttrell's (cousin of Sir Thomas Luttrell) WILL is shown a "Simon Cowill" 
without designating what their relationship may be.  
Simon Cowill may have some relation to the "David Cowill, late of Palmerston, near Dublin" who was pardoned in 1538 
"for stealing 20 pounds in silver in a purse from Richard Luttrell".  This may refer to Nicholas Luttrell's son, Richard.

FE Ball in (3) and CEJ O'Brien in (11) show Richard predeceasing his father, Sir Thomas Luttrell, dying before 1554 
and not named in Sir Thomas Luttrell's Will
BUT. . .he is shown in (10) as being granted property on 26 Nov 1560 and granting that property on 14 Oct 1561

Eliz. 21/17 - Sir John Travers
28 Oct 1562 - Dublin Castle, before the Barons of the Exchequer
. . .On 26 Nov 1560 said William Walshe, (and others). . .granted to Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown, gent. for a certain sum, 
the manor of Karrikbrenan, 10 castles, . . . 
(10) Calendar of Inquisitions. . . by Griffith

Eliz. 22/184 - Sir John Travers, PM
3 Nov 1562.  Dublin Castle, before the Barons of the Exchequer.
. . . On 26 Nov 1560 said William Walshe. . .granted. . .for a sum of money to Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown without royal licence.  On 14 Oct 1561 Richard granted said manor. . .
(10) Calendar of Inquisitons. . .by Griffith