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Information about
Robert Luttrell
of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland
d. 1437

Son of John Luttrell

". . .a man of substance, employed by the Crown in the responsible position of collector of the subsidy in the Castleknock district.  He inherited property, including Kindlestown, in the County Wicklow, from Sir Elias de Ashbourne (probably his father-in-law), who has been mentioned in connection with Knocklyon in the parish of Tallaght, and who appears as a witness of the transfer of the Salmon Leap property to Simon Luttrell."

"In 1349, some land and a mill at the Salmon Leap near St. Wolstan's were released to Simon Luttrell amongst others, and in little more than half a century we find Robert, son of John Luttrell, dealing with this property."

Had at least one sibling, a sister "who married one of the Plunketts".

One of the "owners of Luttrellstown" that "can be traced in unbroken succession".

". . .succeeded by his son Christopher Luttrell, who died in 1454. . . ."

from "A History of the Parish of Clonsilla", link to it is on "Ireland" page.


"This is, apparently, the very Robert whom Edmondson and others following him have chosen to describe as a younger son of Sir Hugh Luttrell of Dunster"
. . .although, "no evidence whatever is offered in support of this story."
re:  claims of some genealogists to directly link Irish Luttrells to Luttrells of Dunster, Somerset, England
from A History of Dunster, "The Luttrells of Luttrellstown near Dublin", Appendix D, by H. C. Maxwell-Lyte.  1909.