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Robert Luttrell
a son of Luttrellstown
is claimed by many Luttrell genealogists to be
immigrant to America from Ireland and progenitor of a 
prominent branch of the Luttrell family in America
. . .

"Robert Luttrell, son of Simon Luttrell, Gentleman of The Bedchamber to Charles II came to America and settled in Prince William County, Virginia between 1690 and 1706.  He married his cousin, Ann, daughter of Viscount Gormanston.  Robert and Ann had three sons; Richard; Fauquier County, Virginia; Thomas, died early in life; Simon, lived in Prince William and Westmoreland Counties, Virginia."
Dr. Terril Littrell, "The Luttrell Family in Virginia", pg. 9.

Also, according to Littrell, Robert's son Simon was born in 1681 and died in 1723.  Robert's son Richard was born "around 1690 in Prince William County, Virginia.  He married around 1715 and settled in Fauquier County, Virginia."

The "Simon Luttrell" referred to by Littrell as Robert's father is Simon Luttrell (b. 1600) of Luttrellstown, Ireland.  His father was Thomas Luttrell (MP) of Luttrellstown who died in 1634. 

Ball states ("History of Dublin - Parish of Clonsilla") that this Simon 
was thirty-four years of age when his father died, and had maintained the traditions of his family by his marriage to Mary, daughter of Jenico, fifth Viscount Gormanston, the widow of one of the Luttrell's near neighbours, Sir Thomas Allen of St. Wolstan's.

In "Parish of Clonsilla" 
(with substantial information about the Luttrells of Luttrellstown) 
there is no record of "Robert" as a son of this Simon
The only specific reference to a son of Simon 
is the following reference to Simon's death:

"His death took place about 1650, and he left several children, including his heir, Thomas Luttrell, but it was some time before the latter enjoyed the estates to which he had succeded."

It was during this Simon's lifetime that the Parliamentarians under Cromwell seized power in Britain.  Luttrellstown was "seized upon as a country residence, by one of the authorities of the Parliament, Colonel John Hewson, who had been appointed Governor of Dublin."  In 1663, Luttrellstown was restored toThomas Luttrell.  "During the Commonwealth the Luttrells resided in Dublin", eventually.  The Cromwellians dispossessed all Catholics from their estates.  "In the case of Thomas Luttrell, of Luttrelstown, in the
county of Dublin, we have a proprietor reduced, with his 
family, to occupy the stables while taking the last crop, and
thence transplanted to Connaught."
from The Cromwellian settlement of Ireland. By John P. Prendergast, esq.

Obviously, if Robert Luttrell, the immigrant to America, was this Simon Luttrell's son, his birth date would be prior to 1650
(date of Simon's death).


Note:  Due to the multiple "Simon" references on this page, Simon Luttrell (highlighted in green) refers to the same individual.

The following assertions that Robert Luttrell was the brother of Col. Simon & Col. Henry Luttrell have been shown to be incorrect.

From "Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography", Vol. IV, ed. Tyler, publ 1915

"Simon Luttrell, son of Thomas and Eleanor (Preston) Luttrell, was made a gentleman of the bed chamber ot Charles the Second.  He married Janice, daughter of the fifth Viscount Gormanston, a cousin, and had sons:  Simon, Henry, Robert.  The last named was the founder of the American family.  Simon (2) and Henry were both prominent in the war between James the Second and the Prince of Orange, Simon at that time being governor of the city of Dublin".

"The American branch of the famous Luttrell family traces its descent from Robert Luttrell, of the Irish line, who married his cousin Anne, daughter of Viscount Gormanston, and came to America in the early part of the eighteenth century, and settled in Prince William county, Virginia.  He had a large family including three sons:  Simon, Thomas, Richard.  Simon's descendants live in Kentucky. . . .  Thomas died while in search of health in Jamaica, where his cousin, Henry Lawes Luttrell, had acquired lands from his mother.  Richard, son of Robert Luttrell, lived in Fauquier county, Virginia, near Prince William county.  He married a Miss Churchill and had a son Richard."
(Richard Luttrell, who died in 1766 in Fauquier Co., VA, married Mary, daughter of Michael Dermont.)


The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland; Or, The Ancient and Present State of the Nobility. Containing a Genealogical Account of the Respective Peers, Etc, Volume 3. W. Owen. 1790 – shows Robert as son of Thomas of Luttrellstown (d. 1674) and as brother to Col. Simon and Col. Henry Luttrell and Thomas “who died without issue”. Robert . . .“who married Ann third daughter of Nicholas, the fifth Viscount Gormanston”.
Robert was the son of Simon of Luttrellstown and
the brother of Thomas of Luttrellstown
and uncle of Col. Simon & Col. Henry Luttrell.
Nicholas Preston was the sixth Viscount Gormanston.

There is no specific reference in Irish historical sources that I have found to "our" Robert, the immigrant to America.  Nor are there documents showing Robert and Ann Luttrell in America in the late 1600s/early 1700s.  I would appreciate hearing from you if you should discover such documentation.

Jan. 2020 UPDATE - 
In (10) "Calendar of Inquisitions Formerly In The Office Of The Chief Remembrancer of The Exchequer Prepared From The MSS Of The Irish Record Commission"
by Margaret C. Griffith,
a record has been found that shows this 
Robert Luttrell (of Simonstown, co. Kildare) was the uncle of 
Col. Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown!  

Nov. 2021 UPDATE
Ann Preston, wife of Robert Luttrell, is listed as a Defendant in a suit in Ireland in 1697.(22)  Henry Luttrell and others are also defendants.  The fact that Robert Luttrell is not listed could mean that he is deceased at this time.  Is it probable that Ann, his wife, would be listed as a defendant in an Irish lawsuit even though she were known to have emigrated from Ireland?

all shown in (20)
Betham Genealogical Abstracts (Ireland) by herald Sir William Betham

Barnewall, Allen & Tyrrell (pltf) v.
Dame Mary (Luttrell), Nicholas Preston &
Robert Luttrell (deft) 1664 

Dame Mary Alen (Luttrell) 1666 
son - Walter Grace
2nd son - Robert Luttrell
dau - Francis Grace 

Mary Luttrell (Pltf) 1668 v.
Thomas Luttrell, 
Robert Luttrell 
& Walter Grace (defts)

Mary Luttrell is the mother of Robert Luttrell and the sister of Nicholas Preston
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from A Compendium of Irish Biography: Comprising Sketches of Distinguished Irishmen, and of Eminent. . .  By Alfred Webb

He (Col. Simon Luttrell) was attainted (condemned, outlawed, dispossessed of property and privilege)  in 1691, as were also his wife, and Thomas Luttrell described as of Luttrellstown, and Robert Luttrell of Simonstown, County of Kildare.

The English army had defeated the Irish army - many Irish say due to the traitor Col. Henry Luttrell, younger brother of Col. Simon Luttrell.  The leaders of the Irish army would lose their property, positions and rights in most cases.

We know that Col. Simon Luttrell - 
grandson of Simon Luttrell - 
left the country with the army of 
James II (the Wild Geese of Ireland)
 for France.  We do not know what became of Robert Luttrell of Simonstown, 
County of Kildare, or 
Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown.  
Did they relocate also?  If so, where?

This Robert Luttrell is the uncle of Col. Simon and Col. Henry  . . .and, more specifically, the son of Simon Luttrell, as described by 
Dr. Littrell but. . .

Is this Robert Luttrell the immigrant to America in the late 17th century?
((this page is no longer available)

"The relative peace that existed during Charles II's reign came asunder with the accession of his brother, James II, a fervent Roman Catholic. Britain was once again plunged into civil war - the Glorious Revolution of 1688 - as Protestants mustered around the Dutch Prince William of Orange and Catholics rallied to the Jacobite cause of King James. Once again Ireland bore the brunt of the violence with the major battles - the Boyne (1689) and Aughrim (1691) - taking place on Irish soil. James was defeated and exiled to France. King William III and the Protestants 
now held absolute authority throughout the British Isles and, in order to prevent any further outbreak of revolt, initiated a legislative campaign 
the Penal Codes - that would effectively render the Catholic population of Ireland second class citizens for over 130 years. Catholics were forbidden the right to bear a weapon or own a horse. They were not allowed to vote in elections or buy land. Roman Catholicism was outlawed and proposals to castrate all practicing priests were seriously considered in the Irish House of Parliament. The age of the Protestant Ascendancy had begun.

An estimated 450,000 Catholics fled Ireland in the years immediately following the collapse of the Jacobite cause in 1691."

Family of Robert and Ann Luttrell

Robert Luttrell, whose mother was Mary Preston, married Ann, daughter of Nicholas Preston, the sixth Viscount Gormanston. Nicholas is the brother of Mary Preston. Robert married his cousin.

Dr. Terril Littrell and other genealogists show Robert and Ann Luttrell having three sons – 
Simon, who lived in Prince William Co., VA; 
Thomas, who died young, and
 Richard, who lived in Fauquier Co., VA.

RE: Simon Luttrell of Prince William/Westmoreland Co., VA

Pg 34. Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1698-1705 Part One 1698-1699, Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman
At a Court held 26 April 1699 - Present: Wm. Peirce Gent., James Tayler Gent., Wm. Bridges Gent., Charles Ashton Gent;, justices.
. . .Simon Lutherall servant to Wm. Thompson, Clerk, is adjudged eighteen yeares of age and ordered to serve according to law.
This Simon Luttrell is 18 years old in 1699.  His DOB would be 1681.  But his POB is unknown.  His parents are unknown.​  If his father is Robert Luttrell of Symonstown, co Kildare, IR, then Simon would have been born in Ireland.  

Westmoreland Co. Va Order Book 1698-1705 by John Frederick Dorman
page 243a - [27 Sept 1704]
Mr. Wm. Graham did swear that he had good rights to claime lands for the importation of eight persons into this colony, Simon Letterell is listed and was assigned to George Eskridge
Wm Thompson had probably died.  Graham and Eskridge were shown in court documents as associates of Thompson.  This may be showing that Simon Luttrell, formerly servant of the deceased Thompson, was being assigned to Eskridge as his servant.  It may also have been a method by which Graham was able to claim a land grant for the importation of a person into the colony.

There is another reference found for a Simon Luttrell being transported to VA.
Name: Symon Lotterell
Arrival Year: 1705   Arrival Place: Virginia
Primary Immigrant: Lotterell, Symon
Source Publication Code: 6223
Annotation: Abstracts of Virginia Land Office patent books 9 through 14, covering the early decades of the eighteenth century. Includes numerous references to land patented by "French refugees," the Protestants (Huguenots) who fled France after Louis XIV revoked the
Source Bibliography: NUGENT, NELL MARION, abstractor. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Vol. 3: 1695-1732. Richmond [VA]: Virginia State Library, 1979. 578p. Indexed.
Symon Lotterell – 2 May 1705 Shown as being transported by Augustine Smith
From Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol 3, Nell Marion Nugent

Simon Luttrell’s WILL – dated 21 August 1723, probated 08 October 1723 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, 
(Will Book 7, Page 311, Reel 5) 
Simon Luttrell refers to himself as a “planter” but his Will does not mention a plantation or land. He bequeaths a slave and a substantial amount of tobacco to his children but mentions only “personal” and not “real” property (land, plantation, etc.).  

Simon Luttrell’s son, Simon, is shown in 1746 living on 400 acres on Quantico Creek, Westmoreland Co., which is owned by the Farrows.
Was this the same place his father, Simon, had lived?  
Was this the same place Robert and Ann Luttrell lived after immigrating to America?
There is no mention of Simon’s parents or his POB in any found document.

RE: Richard Luttrell of Fauquier Co., VA.

Richard Luttrell is shown by some Luttrell researchers, including Dr. Terril Littrell, as a son of Robert and Ann Luttrell. He is shown by many other Luttrell researchers as a son of the indentured immigrant, James Luttrell, of Northumberland Co., VA

No found document shows Richard Luttrell’s date or place of birth or his parents’ names.

Richard Luttrell acquires land in Fauquier Co., VA 
(Stafford and Prince William later became part of Fauquier Co)
By grant of 12 March 1722, the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virgina conveyed unto "Richd Lutterall" of Stafford County, a track of 354 acres of land lying on "Brent Town Run" in Stafford County, Virginia; and, by subsequent grant of 7 July 1745, Lord Failrfax conveyed unto Richard "Lutteral" of Prince William County, a track of 58 acres of land adjoining the "said Lutterall's other land on a drain of Town Run."  
This land is about ten miles west of land that Simon Luttrell’s son, Simon, lived on in Westmoreland Co. in 1746.

Is Richard Luttrell, of Fauquier Co., the son of Robert and Ann Luttrell or the son of James Luttrell, the indentured immigrant?

As the son of Robert Luttrell 
Richard named one of his sons "Robert".
 Richard’s property was in the same vicinity as Simon’s possible home.  Richard probably inherited more from Robert than he would have inherited from James. Richard was granted several acres of land in Fauquier Co. That would have required some capital, probably more than he would have had if he was the indentured immigrant’s son. Of course, Richard may have acquired his capital by other means than inheritance.

As the son of James Luttrell – 
Richard’s children are named in his Will of 1766. 
  Mary is Richard’s wife’s name. Michael is Mary’s father’s name. Catherine is the name of one of Mary's sisters.
Richard names his children James, Michael, SamuelJohn, Richard, Antis, Mary, Susan, Robert, Catherine, Sarah.  
James’ wife’s name is Susannah.  Susannah's mother may have been Sarah.  James’ only documented child is John.*    
But then, Richard also named a son "Robert". . . .  

James’ son, John, named his children Susannah, James, John, Richard, Samuel, Ruth and Ann.  Ruth and Ann were the daughters of John and Ann (2d wife)*

Richard and John named five of their children by the same names – James (after their father?), Susan/Susannah (after their mother?), John, Richard and Samuel.
Does such similar naming of children suggest the probability that John, son of James the immigrant, and Richard are brothers?

*John’s children’s names are shown in Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumberland County, Record of Births, 1661 – 1810, St Stephens Parish, Pgs 470 – 471