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Information about
Sir John Luttrell
of Hoton Pagnel, Yorkshire
abt. 1100 - 1150

From The Roll of Battle Abbey, Pg. 72 by John Bernard Burke, Esq.
"Loterell - In the reigns of Henry I. And Stephen, Sir J. Luttrell (son or grandson probably of the Norman warrior) held, in capite, the manor of Hoton Pagnel, in Yorkshire, which eventually devolved upon an heiress, who married John Scott, feudal Lord of Calverley, and Steward of the household to the Empress Maud.  Of the deriviative branches were the feudal barons of Irnham, the Earls of Carhampton and the Luttrells of Dunster, co. Somerset."

The following material comes from the book "Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith".
01. John Le Scot probably came to England with the Empress Mawde (so called because she married 1st Henry, Emperor of Germany. She married 2nd Geoffrey Plantagenent). He married Larderina, 2nd daughter and co-heir of Alphonsus Gospatrick, Lord of Calverly, Pudsey and several manors.

02. John Le Scot, of Calverly, son of John.  He was Seneschal to Empress Maud, daughter of Henry I, by Maud, daughter of Malcolm, King of Scotland, and Margaret, Princess of the Saxon line. He bore for arms sometimes a lion rampant counterchanged and sometimes a lion rampant droit, as may be seen by his seal affixed to deeds in his time. He was living in reign of Stephen, 1136. He married a daughter of Sir John Luttrell, Knight of Hoton Paynel, Yorkshire.

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