"The Story of Christmas"
by Grady Luttrell
Dec. 8, 1989
Copyright 2004 TheLuttrells.com

The story of Christmas begins in the past,
In the Garden of Eden the setting was cast.

For Eve and then Adam by the serpent were bidden,
To eat of the fruit which God had forbidden.

Because of their sin God then did drive them
From His garden of beauty, for they had disobeyed Him.

But God in His wisdom had ready a plan,
How He would provide for the redemption of man.

For He sent His angel to the young maiden Mary,
Whose announcement to her may have seemed a bit scary.

The angel then told her of God's special plan,
How she would give birth to the Son of Man.

Mary then pondered these things in her heart,
And wondered why she had been set apart.

The time would soon come for this blessed event,
So Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem went.

They went for the purpose with others to enroll,
To fulfill the decree written in the scroll.

They came to the inn but no room did they find,
They found peace and comfort in the stable behind.

The days were accomplished for her to give birth,
The God of all Glory had come down to earth.

She laid in the manger her baby so sweet,
Soon would come strangers to bow at His feet.

Treasures were brought Him by wise men from afar,
Who were guided to the stable by the Heavenly Star.

The shepherds were tending their sheep on the hill,
Which were huddled together against the night chill.

When suddenly above them the heavens did ring,
With the Angelic Chorus God's praises to sing.

We bring you glad tidings of peace and good will,
For today your Savior was born in Bethlehem still.

The shepherds rejoiced at what had been told them,
They came to the stable that they might behold Him.

They shared what was told them while tending their sheep,
For this Good News, to themselves they were not to keep.

It now is our joy to share the glad Word,
With those in our world who have never heard

This story of Christmas told once again,
Of the Savior who came to save us from sin.
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Grady Luttrell
(1931 - 1994)
son of
Claude Atherton Luttrell, Sr. and Laura Estelle Hammett Luttrell