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Thomas Luttrell

son of Richard and Nancy Luttrell

b. 1784  in Adair Co., Kentucky
m. Tabitha Rutherford, April 9, 1808 in Adair Co., Kentucky
d. 1841  Morgan Co., Illinois

Children of Thomas and Tabitha Luttrell

John Rutherford Luttrell
Hiram Luttrell
Nancy Luttrell
Armstrong Luttrell

" Thomas Luttrell served with the 7th Regiment, Kentucky Militia in the War of 1812, the Black Hawk and Winnebago Wars.  In 1821, he left Kentucky and drove his covered wagon to Illinois.  He pitched a tent on Apple Creek in Morgan County and 'entered land' (purchased land from the U. S. Government).  He built a grist mill and a log cabin home.  The mill was the meeting place of the early settlers.  He acted as judge in Apple Creek precinct at the first election held in Morgan County.  Thomas and Tabitha were the parents of four children born in Adair County, Kentucky;  all married in Morgan County, Illinois:  John Rutherford, Hiram, Nancy A., and Armstrong".

". . .buried in 'Old Pisgah' Cemetery north of Pisgah, Ill. (no marker)--a tombstone was erected by descendants, in the early 1980's, in Union Baptist Church Cemetery at Pisgah, near the grave of Tabitha.  

Re: Tabitha Rutherford Luttrell

Born Dec. 10, 1791
Died Oct. 25, 1872

Daughter of John Rutherford and Jane Bailey

John Rutherford married Jensy Bailey 12 Jul 1790 Lincoln, KY in the Kentucky, U.S., Compiled Marriages, 1802-1850 &

"After the death of Thomas, she married (Nov. 6, 1845) her widowed brother-in-law, Frances Petree, buried with her at Pisgah.  Her name is misspelled 'Tobitha' on her tombstone".
Luttrell Family of Morgan County, Illinois, Related Families, and Roots, by Jerry W. Ramsey, June 1999

More RE: Thomas Luttrell

Census of 1810 for Columbia, Adair Co., KY shows Thomas and Richard Luttrell 
Richard Luttrell - 1 M under 10, 2 M 16-25; 1 M over 45; 2 F 10-15; 1 F 16-25; 1 F 26-44
Thomas Luttrell - 1 M under 10; 1 M 16-25; 1 F 16-25

From (Waverly Journal, Friday, May 10, 1968)

Water mills were the next improvement and one of the first built in Morgan County was on Apple Creek 
by Thomas Luttrell in 1820.

Thomas Luttrell left the knob country, south of the Green River, in Kentucky and drove his covered wagon to Illinois. He pitched his tent at Apple Creek and entered land. He erected a grist mill and the mill was a meeting place for the early settlers.

Mr. Luttrell, while living in Kentucky, served in the war of 1812 in the 7th Regiment of Kentucky Militia. His pension papers from Washington, D.C., show he was paid $6.66 per month and was paid $46.62 for seven months service.

Thomas Luttrell acted as judge in Apple Creek at the first election held in Morgan County. He also was security for the bond of the first tavern keeper in the county. He enlisted in the Winnebago War on July 23, 1827 as an Illinois Mounted Rifleman, and served under Captain Weller B. Green's Company.

Thomas Luttrell, born 1784, was married in Adair County, Kentucky in 1808 to Tabitha Rutherford. They were the parents of John R., Hiram, Nancy and Armstrong. Nancy Luttrell married Col. Richard Nelson, one of the first merchants in Waverly. Later the Nelson family moved to Kansas City, Mo. John R. Luttrell lived in the Franklin area and is buried at Franklin. Hiram was one of the early residents of Waverly and he and his wife, Sarah Marston, are buried in Waverly. Thomas Luttrell died in 1841 and is buried at "Old Pisgah" cemetery. His wife, Tabitha, married Frances Petree, another Morgan County pioneer. She died in 1872 and is buried at Union Cemetery, Pisgah, Illinois by her second husband.