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The First Luttrells In Virginia
with documents!

During the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries we find 3 Luttrells beginning new lives in colonial Virginia.
Are they related to one another?
James Luttrell
? James is born to ? and ? in ?

1671/2 - transported to Virginia

? - married to Sarah ?
(date, place and wife's maiden name unknown)

1691 - son, John, is born 
in Northumberland County
1697 - purchases 100 acres 
in Northumberland Co.
1698 - James dies in Northumberland Co
Simon Luttrell
1681 - Simon is born to ? and ? in ?

All of the following occur in Westmoreland County

1699 - 18 yrs old & apprenticed to
William Thompson, clerk
1701 - witness to Will of William Pierce
1704 - imported into colony and assigned to 
George Eskridge
1717 - sued by estate of John Worden
1721 - Thomas Canfield apprenticed to Simon
​1722 - plaintiff in suit against estate of Richard Canfield (father of Thomas)
1723 - Simon died - "planter" but owns no plantation
Will names family
wife - Elizabeth; daughter - Margrett
sons - Simon & John
1724 - Simon's estate is sued by George Eskridge
1746 - Simon, Jr. living on land owned by Farrow, on Quantico Creek, Prince William Co.
Richard Luttrell
b. Richard is born to ? and ? in ?
1718 - witness to Will of George Lampkin in Cople Parish, Westmoreland County
1722 - granted 354 acres of land lying on "Brent Town Run" in Stafford County*
bef. 1726 - married Mary, dau. of Michael Dermont, his neighbor on Town Run 
1745 - granted 58 acres of land adjoining the "said Lutterall's other land on a drain of Town Run in (then) Prince William Co.*
1751 - listed as taxpayer in Hamilton Parish,
 Prince William Co.
1760 - acquired 240 acres in (then) Fauquier Co on south end of Michael Dermont's grant
1760 - conveyed 70 acres to son Samuel
1766 - Richard died before May in Fauquier Co.*
Will names wife, Mary, and children - 
​sons - James, Michael, Samuel, John, Richard & Robert
daughters - Unstiss, Mary, Susan, 
Catherine (Corum) & Sarah
*see Changes to VA county boundaries below
Prince Wm Co
c Craig Swain 2008
*Changes to VA county boundaries
Stafford Co came from Westmoreland in 1664
Prince William Co came from Stafford in 1731
Fauquier Co came from Prince William in 1759

*although shown as land purchases in 3 different counties, Richard Luttrell never moved.  Stafford County changed to Prince William and Prince William changed to Fauquier Co. 
There are two areas associated with James Luttrell - Luttrel's Corner (1) in Northumberland Co. and Luttrellville (2) in Northumberland/Richmond counties.
Richard Luttrell may have been in Westmoreland Co area in his early years but his land and family were near Elk Run (3).  Simon Luttrell is associated with Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. and Simon Jr. with the Quantico Creek area of Prince Wm County (4).  The distance between (1) & (3) is about 100 mi.
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Cople Parish
Westmoreland Co
Simon Luttrell
Washington Parish
Westmoreland Co.
Are the names they give their children important?

Do the American Luttrells follow the tradition of the Irish Luttrells by naming their children after their father, mother, brothers and sisters?  Simon, Robert, James, Richard, and Thomas are very numerous in the Irish Luttrell pedigree.  Could that be a clue to the relationship between the American families?
John Luttrell (b. 1691 in Northumberland Co. VA), the son of James Luttrell, the immigrant, gave his children the following names:
Susana (1713), James (1715), John (1717), Richard, (1719), Samuel (1721), Ruth & Ann. (1729, twins by 2nd wife of John).

Richard Luttrell (b. ? in ?) son of ? gave his children the following names: (as listed in his WILL)
James, Michael, Samuel, John, Richard, Unstiss, Mary, Susana, Robert, Catherine and Sarah.

Richard's father-in law's name is Michael.  His sister-in-law's name is Catherine.  His wife & mother-in-law are named Mary.  Only the names Robert, Sarah and Antiss can not be linked to another family member.  Is Robert named for "Uncle Robert" Luttrell?  May. . .be???  But, 11 names and there is no "Simon"!

Simon Luttrell (d. 1723) named his children 
Margaret, Simon & John