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James Luttrell
Indentured Servant ?
Immigrant to America

​Most Luttrell genealogical researchers recognize James Luttrell as one of the two founding fathers of the Luttrells in America.  His transportation has been documented.*  He was one of the first Luttrells to be in America but, definitively identifying his parents and origin in Ireland has yet to be accomplished.
*Actually, there is no proof that this James Luttrell, arriving in VA in 1671/2 and the James Luttrell who died in 1698 in Northumberland Co., VA are the same.

Documentation shows the following for James Luttrell -

In 1671/2 James Luttrell was transported to Virginia
He may not have been an indentured servant.
ROBINSON, 1350 acs., N'ampton County, on a br. of Muddy Cr., parting this & land of Griffin Savage; lying bet. Martin Moore & Wm. Hickman; adj. Wm. O Noughton & on a br. of Hunting Cr.; 23 Mar. 1671/72 p. 390. Trans. of 27 persJames Latterell, Wm. Peterson, Jno. Joy (or Ivy), Jeffery Grigson, Ferdinand Hawker, Ben. Finch, Tho. Tulpe (or Tripe), Sara Pink, Hum Hawthorn, Eliza, Male, Jno. Dickason, James Davison, James Cobman, Jacob Jefferson, Peter Peterson, Wm. Thomason, Wm. Baker, Jno. Wheally, Jno. Drye. Ann Macklin, Hump, Lloyd, Wm. Swepston, Jno. Moodery, Jno. Philips, Hen. Sowerby, John Mackoine, Wm. Wheally.
Note the identification of "pers" for "persons" and not "servants".  These passengers may have been settlers and not indentured servants.
[Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patients and Grants, Volume 2, 1666-1695, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, Page 101.]
Other immigrants named James. . .

In 1677, a James Luttrell was transported to Maryland

State of Maryland, State Archives, Hall of Records Commission, P. O. Box 828, Annapolis, MD 21404-0828, Phone: (301) 269-3915. Page 720 (743): June 15th, 1678 warrant then granted unto Daniell Selby of Somerset County for one hundred and fifty acres of land due to him by the afore going ass't. from William Stevens: 
A list of persons transported into Maryland by Capt. William Piper.
Thomas Horsman, Tim Marcateilie, John Hamby, Richard Clarke, Will. Redman, Mick. Wall, James Loterill (Luttrell), James Canidie, Thomas Harlow, Charity ?Grumens, Kath. Fennile, Jane Morris, Ann Kelly, Jane Fannill, Cisty Shaw, Ann Coward, Ann ?Dodworth.
​These passengers are referred to as "servants".
"These servants all landed and brought into Maryland by me Wm. Piper. These servants proved in common forme
 the ninteenth day of March Anno Domini 1677 before me: William Stevens.
Know all men by these presents that I William Piper marriner for a valuable consideration have and doe by these presents assigne and make over to Capt. Thomas Walker of Somerset County all my right title and interest clame and demand of and to the seventeen rights above menconed together with all profits and priviledes thereunto belonging To have and to hold the same to the said Thomas Walker his heirs and assignes forever as witness my hand and seal the nineteenth day of March anno domi 1677: William Piper {seal}" [Source: Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland - Land Office (Patents) 15, p. 720 (folio 499) James Loterill, transported by Capt. William Piper, transportation proved Mar. 19, 1677. 1p VTP.]

Another possible James Luttrell, immigrant to America
James Luderell in the U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s (from
Name:James Luderell  [James Luttrell]
Arrival Year:1671    Place: Maryland
Primary Immigrant:Luderell, James
Source Publication Code:2524.55
Annotation:Date and port of arrival. Extracted from Maryland Land Office records of patents and warrants. Reference to original record or transcript and microfilm number are also provided. Other historical and genealogical information may also be provided. The first. . . .Source Bibliography:GIBB, CARSON. A Supplement to The Early Settlers of Maryland. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1997. 248p 
Also. . .   The New Early Settlers of Maryland by Dr. Carson Gibb  MSA SC 4341: Gibb Collection, updated in 2005
This research database lists individual settlers who are named in the Maryland land patent volumes from 1633-1683 and one land warrant volume from 1681-1685. The New Early Settlers of Maryland comprises 34,326 entries from Gust Skordas' Early Settlers of Maryland and Carson Gibb's Supplement to the Early Settlers of Maryland.
All citations in the entries refer to government record microfilm at Maryland State Archives.
Luderell, James    JJ:489 Film No:SR 8207    Transported by 1671    Transcript: 13:112 [SR 7355]    MSA SC 4341-5729

James Luttrell in Northumberland Co., Virginia​

James Luttrell had a son, John
Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Northumberland County, Record of Births, 1661 – 1810
St Stephens Parish Pgs 470 - 471

Jo’n LattrellSon To JamesBorn Nov’r 10 1691

Children of John Luttrell​
Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Northumberland County, Record of Births, 1661 – 1810
St Stephens Parish Pgs 470 - 471

Susana LuttrellDaug’r To Jo’nBorn Aug’t 12 1713
James LuttrellSon To DoBorn May 6 1715
Jo’n LuttrellSon To DoBorn Jully 16 1717
Rich’d LuttrellSon To DoBorn Jully 22, 1719
. . .
Samuell Luttrell Son To Jo’n Born Sep’r 26 1721
. . .
Ruth LuttrellDaug’r To Jo’n & AnnBorn Jun 23 1729Same year as sister?
Ann LuttrellDaug’r To DoBorn Dec 23 1729 Same year as sister?  Probably twin sisters w/error on month.
Ruth and Ann appear to be children of a second marriage of John.

Other Children of James?

James Luttrell, Jr?
James Luttrel, son of James (Jr.) and Susanna Luttrel, b. 10 Aug 1728
Richard Luttrel, son of James (Jr.) and Susanna Luttrel, b. (not entered, prob. circa 1730)
also shown. . .
Moses (b. 1747), Judith (b. 1751), Mary (b. 1753), Richard (1755) & John (b. 1757) as 
children of Richard and Mary Litterell/Littarell
and, Betty (b. 1755), daughter of James and Frances Litterell
​from "The Registers of North Farnham Parish 1663 - 1814 and Lunenburg Parish 1783 - 1800 Richmond County, Virginia" BY: George Harrison Stafford King
The above shows James and Richard as sons of James and Susanna Luttrel.  The birth dates would indicate that the father, James, could be a son of James Luttrell who died in Northumberland Co. in 1698.  The documented birth dates of James (b. 1715) and Richard (b. 1719), the sons of John Luttrell, do not allow for them being the ones referred to here.  St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co. and North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. are adjacent to one another.  The names of the parents, James and Susanna Luttrell, being the same as James (d. 1698) and his wife, Susanna, gives some pause for questioning the accuracy of these records.  Of course, Susanna is a common name.  Father and son could have both married a "Susanna".  I see no reason to put less faith in this record than any other record in various parish/county record books.  Maybe, Luttrel's Corner (St. Stepens Parish, Northumberland Co.) and Luttrellville (North Farnham Parish, Richmond/Northumberland line) were originated by these two sons of the immigrant. 
Once again, we see the tradition of brothers giving their children the same names. GEL

1697 - James Luttrell purchased 100 acres of land in Northumberland County, Virginia, shortly before his death; and,
John Luttrell, son of James, possessed that land after James' death before selling it in 1742

19th Nov Anno 1697 Court Held For Northumberland County Dennis Cornehill & Geo: Noll attorney of Anne Cornewell having acknowledged Court and to James Littrell gte ordered this land recorded.
SOURCE: Northumberland County, Va, Court Order Book, 1678-1698, Part 1 & Part 2, p.799, Reel 48, Library of Virginia.

Northumberland Co. VA Record Book 1710-1713, State Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va
Pg.145/146: MARGIN: Cornhill Deed Released to Cralle.
This indenture made this first day of Janey in the year of our lord ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED & ELEVEN between DENNIS CORNHILL late of the County of Westmoreland but now of the County of Stafford of the one part & JNO. CRALLE of the County of Northumberland of the other part. That whereas the aforesaid DENNIS CORNHILL by a certain indenture bearing date the last day of December the year aforesd for the consideration therein mentioned did grant bargain & sell unto the Sd. JNO. CRALLE all that ONE HUNDRED ACRES OF LAND be the land more or less. Lying & being in the PARRISH OF ST STEPHENS & County of Northumberland. To witness Sd. land is part of aforesd tract of Land that is & was PURCHASED BY THE SD. DENNIS CORNHILL OF ONE JNO. LEWIS and bounded by the land of THO. SADDON, the land of DANL. BEACHAM, the land of JNO. LUTTRELL, . . .

10 May 1742. Deed. Between John LITREEL of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co planter of the first part & Abraham BEACHUM son of Daniel BEACHUM decd late of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co of the second part ... whereas James LITREEL father to the afsd John LITREEL bought a 100 acre tract of land of Dennis CORNWELL in St. Stephens Parish & did bequeath the same to the afsd John LITREEL ... now this indenture wit[nesseth] further that the sd John LITRELL having contracted a bargain & sale of the sd 100 acres of land . . . .
 [Mary Marshall Brewer, Northumberland County, Virginia Deeds, Wills, Inventories, Etc., 1737-1743 (Lewes, Del.: Colonial Roots, 2006), 99, citing p. 174].

1698 - ​James Luttrell died

James Luttrell Probate 1698 
Ordered that Susanna Luttrell, widow & relict of James Luttrell
be allowed for her paraphernalia a flock bed and furniture appraised to four hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco out of her 1t deceased husband James Luttrell’s Estate.
[Source: Order Book 1678-98, p. 828, Court held 20 July 1698, Northumberland County, Virginia.]

James Luttrell's wife was Susanna
and. . .
probably. . .possibly. . .maybe. . .maybe not Susanna Tullos

John Luttrell was underage at his father's death, and made a ward of John and Sarah Tullos in 1709 (probably after the death of his mother).  
John Tullos (below) would probably have been Sarah Tullos' son and Susanna Luttrell's brother. 
Susanna was named in the 1698 court record after the death of James.
(Was James & Susanna's son, John, named after her brother?)

Source: Records of Indentured Servants and of Certificates for Land, Northumberland County, Virginia, 1650-1795, compiled by W. Preston
Haynie, Heritage Books, Inc., Page 228  1371. 
20 April 1709 -- John Luttrell, servant to Sarah Tullos, moveing this Court for Liberty to Choose his guardian to take care of his Land
dureing his minority & nominating John Tullos, the sd Tullos is accordingly by the Court admitted his guardian for that purpose and
ordered the sd Luttrell serve his full time of service to his sd. Mrs. without ye moloestation of the sd John Tullos Jr. OB 1699-1713, Part 2, 573

Sarah Rodham married Claudious Tullos and lived in Northumberland County, VA
They were parents of Susannah and John.
This may be the origin of Richard Luttrell's son, Robert, naming a son "Rodham"

The assumption, by several Luttrell researchers, that Susannah (shown in James' probate records) was the daughter of Claud and Sarah Rodham Tullos is reasonable due to the Rodham name occurring in the later line of James' descendants and the fact that Sarah Rodham Tullos was appointed guardian for James' son, John, presumably after the death of Susannah (1709 or before).  Of course, the Rodham name being given to a grandchild of Richard Luttrell, of Fauquier Co. (and presumably an older son of James as many researchers believe, despite a confirming document) could have occurred for other reasons.  Also, Claud and John Tullos had previously been awarded guardianship of another minor.
. . ."a court order dated 16 November 1698 indicates that Cloud was a tanner and shoemaker. The court decreed that William Grady, a 15-year old orphan, having chosen Cloud Tulllos as his guardian had bound himself to Cloud and his son, John, until he reached 21 years of age".
Maybe John and Sarah Tullos were appointed by the court as guardians of the (presumed) orphan, John Luttrell, simply because they had performed the function before and John Luttrell needed a suitable guardian.  John was about 18 years old in 1709 (born in Nov 1691), so his primary need may have been for someone who could teach him a trade, which John Tullos may have been qualified to do, in the eyes of the court.

Many Tullos family researchers believe James Luttrell's wife, Susannah, was not a Tullos.  
They show her married to (1) John Hughlett or Hewett, and (2) Joseph Franklin.

Many Luttrell researchers show 
James Luttrell, immigrant to America, as a descendant of the Luttrells of Tankardstown, county Meath, Ireland, 
and, therefore, a descendant of Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown.  
However, no documentation is ever shown for this link, or for their estimated DOB for James.
There is a James Luttrell, son of Richard Luttrell of Tankardstown, noted in various Irish records, who was underage and unmarried at his father's death in 1633.  This James' older brother, Oliver, inherits the Tankardstown property in 1633 but is shown as "attainted" in 1642 after the Irish Rebellion of 1641.  The Tankardstown property would have been forfeited to the English Cromwellian rulers.  It is easy to understand that a younger son of Tankardstown, after losing his home, would seek a fresh start in the New World of America, even as an indentured servant, 30 years later.

If James Luttrell, immigrant to America, who fathered a son in 1691 and died in 1698, is descended from the Luttrells of Tankardstown, 
is he the son or grandson of Richard Luttrell of Tankardstown who died in 1633?
​There are multiple James Luttrells in Ireland in the mid-17th century (see "A Timeline Of The Luttrells In Ireland" link on the Ireland page).

Were there two, or more James Luttrells transported to America in the seventeenth century?
It is possible, and accepted by many Luttrell researchers, that both transportations - VA in 1671/2 and MD in 1677 - refer to the same James Luttrell. A reward of 50 acres of land was often bestowed upon servants at the conclusion of their indentured service, unless their service was to pay for transportation to the colonies. James may have been still young enough to accept a second term of service, assuming the first was not unpleasant, and he was desirous of the potential reward it offered.  The term of service did not necessarily have to be as long as 7 years. 
However, the James Luttrell transported to Maryland in 1677 could have been a different James Luttrell than was transported to VA in 1671/2.  And, the James Luttrell who arrived in VA in 1671/2 may not have been an indentured servant.  GL

Who is James Luttrell, immigrant to America?

. . .

Other researchers show the following as sons of James
(I have found no documentation establishing their relationship - DOB's are probably an estimation)

1. John Luttrell , b. 1691, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA - see above

​2. Richard Luttrell, Sr., b. Abt 1693, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, USA , d. 10 Sep 1764-26 May 1766, , Fauquier, VA, USA 
see The First Luttrells in Virginia for a possible relationship between Richard, James and Simon

  3. James Luttrell, b. Abt 1695, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, USA , d. , Northumberland, VA
I have not seen documentation of this birthdate/place

  4. Thomas Luttrell, b. Abt 1697, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA d. date unknown
I have not seen documentation of this birthdate/place

Were these children of James Luttrell who entered VA in 1671/2?  If so, James took 20 years to start his family, assuming this wasn't a second family.
Is this an indication that he may have been an indentured servant? or, even a child?
Answers, answers; I want answers!
If you have any, please email me.


Glenn Luttrell, webmaster.