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The Luttrells of Tankardstown, county Meath, Ireland
(Tankardstown is about 33 miles (56 km) northwest of Luttrellstown)

Robert Luttrell
of Tankardstown, County Meath, Ireland

Son of Sir Thomas Luttrell (d. 1554) of Luttrellstown

Older brother Simon inherited Luttrellstown Castle and lands, 
County Dublin, Ireland (3)

Will of Sir Thomas Luttrell (d. 1554) of Luttrellstown
-Thomas Luttrell (Will) leaves his lands. . .including Tankardeston and Porterston. . .to son James “in t. m.” (tail male).  
He further instructed that if Simon succeeds to Luttrellstown then those lands were to go to Robert.  
Simon did succeed to Luttrellstown upon the death of his brothers Christopher and James

From Burke’s Extinct Peerages. . . A Genealogical History of the Dormant: Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ... By Sir Bernard Burke pg 340
“Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown married (1) Anne Aylmer, d/o Bartholomew Aylmer, esq. of Lyons, Co. Kildare 
and by her had two sons and two daughters. . .
Richard – his heir
Robert – married Elizabeth, 2nd dau of Robert Rochfort Esq. of Kilbride 
and was father of Richard Luttrell, esq. of Tankardstown, Co. Meath, 
who married Anne, dau of Robert Cusack of Cussington, co. Meath and d. in Oct. 1633
 leaving two sons and two daughters, viz. 
(1) Oliver of Tankardstown; 
(2) James; 
(1) Jane married to Rowland Plunket of Cocklestown; 
and (2) Mary m. to George Bathe of Edickstown, co. Meath”

"1595 - Robert Luttrell, Dublin, baker"
from "Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland", pg. 294.(6)

Is this Robert (d. 1595) the same as son of Sir Thomas Luttrell?  
While Robert Luttrell, son of Sir Thomas Luttrell did not inherit Luttrellstown he probably inherited a smaller estate and much silver/gold. Sir Thomas’ estate was so great that the King sought to borrow money from it after the death of Sir Thomas. (Ball) Previous heirs, though not first born sons, were reported by F E Ball to have inherited a sizeable fortune.

Richard Luttrell
of Tankardstown, County Meath, Ireland
died Oct 1633

​"1634 - Richard Luttrell, Dublin"
(from "Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland", pg. 294)

Son of Robert Luttrell (d. 1594/95) and Elizabeth Rochfort of Tankardstown, County Meath, Ireland

m. Anne Cusack, dau. of Robert Cusack

Children of Richard Luttrell and Anne Cusack

Oliver, of Tankardstown; m. Jane Plunkett
Attainted 1641 – forfeited property

James, b. Tankardstown, County Meath; 
James is believed by many Luttrell researchers to be the immigrant to America 
BUT. . .
Could this James be the James Luttrell, barber surgeon, of Dublin whose WILL was record​ed 1660? (5)  See Below.

Jane* m. Rowland Plunket of Cocklestown
Immigrants to America (1635)

Mary m. to George Bathe of Edickstown, co. Meath”
(From Burke’s Extinct Peerages. . . A Genealogical History of the Dormant: Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ... By Sir Bernard Burke pg 340)

*​RE: Jane Luttrell, married to Rowland Plunkett
"Walter Luttrell, 20, was "licensed to go beyond the seas" and on 2 May 1635 was transported from London to Barbados on the Alexander, Mr. Gilbert Grimes under Captain Burke. Of interest, there were also aboard Edward, 20; Thomas, 28, (b. ca 1607) and Rowland 18 PLUNKETT. The name Rowland Plunkett has been documented as the husband of Jane Luttrell, daughter of Richard Luttrell and Anne Cusak."
Marcine Lohman / Plunkett Family forum / 16 May 2001 / Msg 818

The 4 children were probably found in Richard Luttrell’s Will (unfortunately, many records were lost in 1922 due to a fire in the Irish Records Office). James was the only one not married. His age can only be estimated. He is not shown again. Irish Manuscripts (below) shows sons of Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstown but not James (Oliver is deceased). The Irish Manuscript (10) info is probably from early 1670s. A James Luttrell is shown as an immigrant to America in the late 1660s. It is believed by many, but not documented, that the 
James Luttrell of Tankardstown is the American immigrant.  GL

RE:  Anne Cusack, wife of Richard Luttrell  
Robert Cusack (c.1516–1570) was an Irish judge of the sixteenth century, who held office as Baron of the Court of Exchequer (Ireland). He was strongly recommended for the position of Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer, but was passed ove for the office, though r with a promise of future preferment. His career was cut short by his premature death. 
He came from a prominent Anglo-Irish landowning family of the Pale. Although his legitimacy was questionable, as his father in later life denied that he had been lawfully married to his mother, this did not harm him in his career.

He was born at Cussington, County Meath, the eldest son of Sir Thomas Cusack, later Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and his first wife Joan Hussey.[1] His parents' marriage was unhappy and in 1537 it was annulled; Robert's father in later years denied that there had ever been a valid marriage between himself and Joan, and always spoke of his second wife Maud Darcy as his first "lawful" wife. On the other hand, Thomas acknowledged his paternity of Robert and his other children by Joan, and he seems to have treated them generously enough. In the 1550s Robert was living at Lismullen Abbey, which his father had acquired on the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and later he lived at the older family home at Cussington.[2] The John Cusack who died in 1629 and was described as the owner of Cussington was probably Robert's son.

He is said by some sources[8] to have entered an underage marriage with Margaret Kiltane, which was annulled. He later married Katherine, daughter of Sir Christopher Nugent, who was a younger son of Richard Nugent, 4th Baron Delvin.[9] 
Of his children, who were all by Katherine, various sources[10] refer to six- 
John (died 1629)
Anne, who married Richard Luttrell, a grandson of Sir Thomas Luttrell
Margaret, who married John Plunkett, younger son of the second Baron Louth
Catherine, who married Thomas Delafield.
His widow remarried Peter Barnewall, 6th Baron Trimlestown and had further issue by her second marriage.[11] 
Robert's sister Catherine Cusack, who married Sir Henry Colley, was the ancestor of the 1st Duke of Wellington
The Description of Ireland: And the State Thereof as it is at this Present … edited by Edmund Hogan 1878

Members of Parliament in 1585
“Rising out of Skreen. . .Sir T. Cusack of Lismullen. . .Cusack of Gerardston. . .Duleeke – L. of Gormanston . . . Jn. Cusake of Cusingstone . . .Rising Out – L. Viscount Gormanston 8. . .Navan . . .Rob. Rochfort of Kilbride. . .Geo. Cusake of Rathallrone. . .Js. Cusake of Tullegharde. . .
Th. Luttrell of Tankardstown. . .Dece. . .Jn. Cusake of Troneblie. . .Rising Out of Deece and Moyfenragh. . .B. Cusake 1. . .Lune. . .
Jn. Rochfort of Keranston. . . Rising out of Lune—. . . Rochford of Keranston 1

"Rob. R. (Rochford) of Kilbryde, ancestor of N Lord Belfield, brought 4 archers on horseback to the general Hosting at Tara in 1593 for the barony of Navan and one for that of Ratoath; he m. a dau. of Chief Baron Sir Lucas Dillon, and had 6 sons and 4 daughters. His son and heir, John, was 23 years old in 1598; his sons-in-law were Sir W. Dongan of Castleton Kildrought, and Luttrell of Tancardstown in Meath.— Lodge.

“The Chief Gentlemen” - . . . Cusack of Lismollin, Cusack of Cufyngston, Cusack of Gerardston, 
Cusack of Rahalion [Rathlion], Cusack of Ballunalheu, Cusack of Trubloy1, Cusack of Cloneard, Cusack of Clomochain,. . . Luttrell of Tancardston, . . . Rochforde of Kilbride.

Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstown

From "Illustrations, historical and genealogical, of King James's Irish army list, 1689" by D'Alton
In a paragraph regarding Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown. . .
"In 1613, Thomas Luttrell was one of the Representatives of the County of Dublin in Parliament. Those of the name 
attainted in 1642 were Robert Luttrell of Girstown, and Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstown, County of Meath." 

Order of Succession of Col. Simon Luttrell (d. Sept 1698)
From (10)
In Appendix to Calendar of Inquisitions of County Dublin
(date unknown, but presumably after 1691)
Col. Simon Luttrell and Robert Luttrell of Symonstowne were attainted in 1691 (lost their properties after fighting against England and Protestants)
Col. Henry also was attainted but made a bargain with the English and was awarded Luttrellstown and all of Col. Simon's properties.

. . .in a listing of Simon Luttrell’s order of succession (he was childless). . .
First listed are any sons by his wife, Catherine Newcomen, alias Luttrell; 
then to “Simon’s heirs male by any other wife”; 
then, to his brother, Henry or Henry’s sons; 
then, to Thomas Luttrell, Simon’s “third brother” (? Second brother?) or Thomas’ son; 
then, to “Robert Luttrell of Symonstowne, co. Kildare, gent., Simon’s uncle” or his sons; 
then, to “Michael, s. of Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstowne, gent., to Patrick another s. of Oliver”. . . . 
then, to William Luttrell of Old Cornmarket, Dublin to Oliver s. of Robert Luttrell of Liscarten, gent., to Michael another son, to Stephen Luttrell of co. Kildare, gent., to Henry bro. of Stephen, to Patrick s. of James Luttrell of Dublin, chirurgen (?barber surgeon?), to Luke, another son of James, to William Luttrell of Dublin, baker, to Richard Luttrell of Naas, chandler (maker/seller of candles), and to Patrick Luttrell of Naas, shoemaker,
Oliver Luttrell, of Tankardstowne, was the son of Richard Luttrell (d. 1633) of Tankardstown, grandson of Robert Luttrell of Tankardstowne who was the third son of Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown. Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown was the great-great-great-grandfather of Col. Simon Luttrell (d.1698).
It is presumed that Oliver Luttrell is deceased at the writing of this document.
James Luttrell of Dublin, barber surgeon, died in 1660. 


Is James Luttrell, Dublin, barber surgeon whose WILL is recorded in 1660 (5) the brother of Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstown?

​According to Col. Simon Luttrell's Order of Succession in Irish Manuscripts (10),
both Oliver Luttrell of Tankardstown and James Luttrell, barber surgeon (d. 1660), had sons named Patrick and are, 
most likely, cousins and potential heirs of Col. Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown.