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Information about
Richard Luttrell
B. BEFORE 1765 per KY census 1810 (see below)  d. 1815  

m. Nancy Rains*

RICHARD LUTTRELL, is the son of Michael and Dinah Luttrell
DOB - before 1765 (per 1810 census) in Fauquier Co., VA 
He is listed in father Michael's WILL of 1778 receiving a handsaw. 
 He goes to KY by 1802 with brother Michael, Jr and two of Michael Jrs sons, John and Jesse. 
 He is granted 200 acres of land in Adair Co., KY near Green River (survey 1806)
 Both he and son, Thomas, listed on Adair, KY 1810 census. 
 He dies in 1815, intestate. Wife Nancy MNU (possibly Rains) and ten children were noted in court records with sons Joshua and Caleb named.

Children of Richard

Thomas  b. 1784 d. 1841  m. Tabitha Rutherford  Apr 9, 1808  Adair Co., KY

Lot  b. 1791  d. 1862  m. Susan (Susannah) Rutherford
born June 8, 1791; d. in Pisgah, Illinois

Joshua D.   b. 1810  m. Catherine Rutherford
b. Bet. 1802 -1804

Daniel  b. 1801
( "b. Bet. 1784-1794")

Sarah  b. 1770  d. 1845  m. Frances Petree
( Sally b. 1794, d. 1845  m. Frances Petree Jan 24, 1813 Adair Co., KY)

Nancy ("Nanny")  m. Lewis Shepherd, Jr. 
( "married Johnson")

Liza (Lisa)  m. ____ Hughes
(b. Bet. 1794-1800)

( b. Bet. 1794-1800)

Calab Columbus  b. 1806  m. Nancy Winfrey
(b. Bet. 1810-1820)
Adair Co., KY  Deed Book H, Pg 118 Sept. 26, 1831 - Caleb, son of Richard and Nancy, purchases "all rights" for 200 acres (prev. owned by Richard who d. intestate 1815) from Nancy (widow of Richard) and Joshua.

Green  m. Elizabeth Richardson
(b. Bet. 1810-1820)

per Jerry W. Ramsey, "Luttrell Family of Morgan County, Illinois, Related Families and Roots"  June 1999
Information in brown from Glenn D. Littrell ( as posted 7/24/1999 on ""  Both show same information for Thomas.
Adair Co., KY 1802 Tax List
Data for last column is: Number of white males over 21 years of age/ Number of white males over 16 years of age/ Total number of slaves --- means there was no data in that column

JUN 03 LITTRELL RICHARD --- --- 1/0/0 
JUN 03 LITTRELL MICHAEL --- --- 1/0/0 
JUN 03 LITTRELL JOHN --- --- 1/0/0 
JUN 03 LITTRELL JESSEE --- --- 1/0/0 
Michael Luttrell, d. 1778, Fauquier Co., VA had sons Richard and Michael
John and Jessee may be cousins and sons of __Michael Luttrell Jr.__

From 1810 Census of Adair County, Kentucky

"Luttrell, Richard" - 1 male under 10, 2 males 16 to 26, 1 over 45*
females - 2 - 10 to 16, 1 - 16 to 26, 1 - 26 to 45*
* This makes Richard born prior to 1765 and Nancy born between 1765 - 1784
Breeding, Sarah m. Littrell, Lot 12 Jun 1802
Littrell, Susannah m. Shelton, Mark 14 Feb 1805
Luttrell, William m. Winfrey, Polly 11 Dec 1806
Luttrell, Betsey m. Shelton, Eliphas 28 Oct 1807
Luttrell, Thomas  m. Reatherford, Tabitha 09 Apr 1808

Page 171 - Inventory of Richard Luttrell, dec'd., by James Cason, Charles Jenkins, Wm. Goode. Aug. 21, 1815.  
Page 210 - Aug. 25, 1815. Sale of the personal property of Richard Luttrell, dec'd. Buyers: Thomas Luttrell (bought many things), Michael Dillingham, Frances Petree, Nancy Luttrell (many things), John Luttrell (Richard's brother?), Lot Luttrell, Wm. Sutherland, Wm. Smith, Polly Luttrell, John Thomas Administrators - Nancy Luttrell and Thomas Luttrell.  
Note owing estate - Richard Luttrell note to Thomas Luttell $83.34
We the undersigned heirs of the aforementioned deceased, Richard Luttrell, acknowledge the settlement to be just and true. Aug. 29, 1815.  
Nancy Luttrell, Adms. (No signatures)
The widows dower was laid off by the consent of all legatees of lawful age, Aug. 25, 1815.
Adair County Court, Sept. Term, 1816
from Adair County, Kentucky Will Book B

Richard Heirs Luttrell 
in the Kentucky, Land Grants, 1782-1924
Grantee: Richard (Heirs) Luttrell
(Refers to the heirs of Richard Luttrell)
Number of Acres: 200
Survey Date: 12 Oct 1806
County: Adair
Watercourse: Green R
Book Number: 28

Info about Richard Luttrell
by Dr. Littrell contains many errors
(Notes in red are those of the webmaster)

"Richard Luttrell, Jr., was born in 1735 (note age he would have been at birth of children listed above) in Fauquire County, Virginia, the son of Richard Sr.  He went from Virginia to North Carolina in 1755 (obvious error in year) seeking to make a claim to the estate of the late Colonel John Luttrell of the Transylvania Purchase.  When this plan failed he moved into Kentucky to acquire land in the new territory.  He settled in Adair County, Kentucky and was married to Nancy Rains, the daughter of John Rains, a Revolutionary War Soldier whose family was from Pennsylvania.  The property of Richard was first entered in the name of his brother Michael".

"Richard died on August 21, 1815 (this is the date on the Adair County Court Inventory of Richard's property--see below) in Adair County, Kentucky. . . .  His wife Nancy survived him, and his son Richard III inherited his property on the South Fork on Goose Creek, on December 18, 1819".
from "Luttrell Kentucky Ancestors" by The Reverend Terril D. Littrell, Ph.D.  no other references to Richard III

"Richard Luttrell, son of Michael Luttrell, Sr., and Dina Luttrell, married Debra Helfin on March 29, 1800 in Green County, Kentucky.  They lived on the land that Michael received in the Land Grant prior to the act of 1795.  This land was located in Adair County, Kentucky".  Nancy is shown as his widow on several records after Richard's death

"The April 20, 1808 Commissioner's Book, lists this property as taxable to Richard Luttrell.  The property is described in the books as 200 acres on the Green River Water Course.  The tax records of Casey County in 1817 show that Thomas, John and Nancy Luttrell live on this estate.  The land of course would go to the heirs of Richard and Debra Luttrell".

from "Luttrell Kentucky Ancestors" by The Reverend Terril D. Littrell, Ph.D.  many errors in the information above

Re:  Nancy Rains Luttrell
*There are questions as to accuracy of Richard Luttrell's wife's name.

"Richard Luttrell married Nancy Rains, granddaughter of John Jones, a Revolutionary soldier."
from article in "The Waverly Journal", Waverly, Illinois, Oct. 5, 1962, by Mrs. Guy Martin

"Nancy Luttrell, Widow and Relict of Richard Luttrell dec'd., and Joshua D. Luttrell, son of the said dec'd., of the first part and Caleb Luttrell of the second part.  The said Richard Luttrell died intestate in 1815, the owner of 200 acres of land in Adair Co., held by head right certificate and patent issued since his death to his heirs, bearing date Jan. 19, 1829.  Whereas the said Richard left his wife and ten children as his legal heirs and the said Caleb has purchased from the said Nancy and Joshua for $40.00 all their interest in the said tract of land."
from Adair County, Kentucky Court Records Deed Book H, Page 118.  Sept. 26, 1831.

John Jones, Jr., Thomas Luttrell and Jas. Reatherford are listed as witnesses in the "sale of 100 acres by Dudley Reatherford and Catherine, his wife to Tirey Staton for $400., being part of the tract where said Reatherford lives."
Adair County, Kentucky, Deed Book B, Page 246.  July 3, 1809
Is this "John Jones, Jr." possibly the son of the John Jones, Revolutionary soldier referred to above and possibly the uncle of Nancy (could be her father and she could have married first a Rains)?

"Littrell, Richard C. widower, & Nancy Rains, 5 Feb. 1834, 
Edward Ashburn sec."
from "The Marriage License Bonds of Northumberland Co., VA 1783-1850, p. 69.
Note:  on same page Richard C. Littrell also shown on 6 Jan. 1838 marrying Mary Ann P. Haynie, James Ashburn sec.
Could this "Nancy Rains" be a niece of Richard Luttrell's Nancy Rains?  Sons and daughters being named after parent's siblings not uncommon at all.

Farmland on the south side of the South Fork of the Green River, Adair/Casey County, KY
Photo by Glenn Luttrell