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So, who appointed me to be "webmaster" of ""?

Well, one day in 1999, after beginning my indoctrination into the world of internet domains, I was checking out domain names that were interesting to me.  I checked out "". . .TAKEN
(by someone with NO Luttrell connection!
How can the internet gurus allow that? ). 
 BUT, "" was available 
(so was .net and .org). . . . 
So I spent $70.00 and reserved

Since childhood (when my Dad told me about a Luttrell castle somewhere near where King Arthur lived) I have been interested in learning more about my ancestors and the cousins who bore my name.  Dad did tell me to expect to find some less than shining "knights" in the family history closet.  

Years later came a son (who was much more focused on his
 pursuit of learning than I had been) and the internet.

Eric's voracious appetite for Luttrell and Middle Ages history (primarily Norman) and the accessibility of many titillating tidbits of 
Luttrell legend through the "information superhighway" compelled my romantic side to hereafter wander in search of 
the holy grail of ancestral knowledge.

I know there are greater knights upon the research field.  I can, at least, shine their armor and highlight their victories.
In honor of all the other crusading Luttrell history knights,
this site is birthed.

Glenn Ellis Luttrell *
329 Jim Arrant Rd
West Monroe, LA
USA  71292

Ancestry chart of 
Glenn Ellis Luttrell
(click on names highlighted in blue for additional information and photographs)

Geoffrey Luttrell
d. ca. 1215
privy counselor to King John
. . .

John Luttrell (3)

Robert Luttrell
d. 1437 at Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Christopher Luttrell
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland
d. 1454

Thomas Luttrell
b. 1435      m. Ellen Bellew
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Richard Luttrell
m. Margaret FitzLyon
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Sir Thomas Luttrell
Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland
m. (1) Anne Alymer    m. (2) Elizabeth Bathe
d. 1554  Luttrellstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Linda, Glenn, Eric & Moblin
Claude, Eric & Glenn Luttrell on "holiday" to Dunster Castle
Eric & Claude Luttrell outside Saint Andrew's Church in Irnham, Lincolnshire where Sir Geoffrey Luttrell (of THE LUTTRELL PSALTER, the Home Page illustration) was buried.
possible alternative to "Robert. . .Richard. . .James. . .James (the immigrant) at left
Simon Luttrell (III)
(son of Sir Thomas Luttrell)
b. bef. 1554   d. 1597 WILL (Index of Prerog...)
m. (1) _____Gaydon    m. (2) Elizabeth Finglas
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Sir Thomas Luttrell
b.    d. Nov 1634  buried Clonsilla
m. (1) Eleanor Cheevers (dau. of John Cheevers)
m. (2) Alison _________
(dau. of Nicholas ____, 21st Baron of Howth)
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Simon Luttrell (IV)
b. 1600 d. abt 1650
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

Robert Luttrell
immigrated to America, abt 1690 - 1706
m. Anne Preston
3 sons - Richard, Thomas, Simon
Higher degree of certainty for the following generations
 Richard Luttrell
son of James (the immigrant) or Robert (the immigrant)
b. 1685    m. Mary Dermont  
d. 1766  in Fauquier Co., Virginia

Michael Luttrell
b. 1720    m. Dinah ______
d. 1778  in Fauquier Co., Virginia

Richard Luttrell
m. Nancy Rains 
d. 1815 in Adair Co., Kentucky

Thomas Luttrell
b. 1784    m. Tabitha Rutherford
d. 1841 in Morgan Co., Illinois

John Rutherford Luttrell
b. 1810 in Adair Co., Kentucky
m. Margaret Alice Duncan
d. 1900 Morgan Co., Illinois

James Monroe Luttrell
b. 1839/41 in Morgan Co., lllinois
m. Mary Ann Ward

Lewis Palmer Luttrell
b. 1862  d. 1947
m. (1) Kate Katherine Brown 1888
m. (2) Ann Chelette abt. 1924,
Goose Creek, Harris Co., Texas

Claude Atherton Luttrell, Sr.
b. 1894    d. 1941
m. Laura Estelle Hammett 1929

Claude Atherton Luttrell, Jr.
b. 1930    d. 2011

Glenn Ellis Luttrell*

Eric Luttrell

Robert Luttrell
(son of Sir Thomas Luttrell)
m. Elizabeth Rochfort
d. 1594/95 Tankardstown, County Meath, Ireland

Richard Luttrell
m. Anne Cusack
d. 1633 Tankardstown, County Meath, Ireland
. . .
James Luttrell
d. 1660 Dublin, barber surgeon (5)

James Luttrell
b. ca. 1650 Ireland 
 d. 1698 Virginia  m. Susanna Tullos
immigrant to America 1661-67
4 sons - Richard, John, James, Jr., Thomas
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