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Information about

(son of Thomas Luttrell, M. P. of Luttrellstown)

b. 1600  d. abt 1650
m. Mary ________________(dau. of Jenico,
5th Viscount Gormanston)
appt. "Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Charles II"
Member Irish Parliament 1643, Borough of Navan
1646 - still living at Luttrellstown
and, some say
(ROBERT LUTTRELL, immigrant to America)

"Troublous times fell to the lot of . . .Simon Luttrell. . . who lived to see Ireland under the rule of the Parliament. He was thirty-four years of age when his father died, and had maintained the traditions of his family by his marriage to Mary, daughter of Jenico, fifth Viscount Gormanston, the widow of one of the Luttrell's near neighbours, Sir Thomas Allen of St. Wolstan's.

In 1643 he was returned to the dying Irish parliament at a by-election as member for the borough of Navan, and in the following year he waited upon Charles I. at Oxford. Two years later, in 1646, he entertained the Marquis of Clanricarde at Luttrellstown, while the Marquis was carrying on the negotiations between Ormonde and General Preston, who had advanced as far as Lucan with the army of the Confederates."

from Ball's "A History of the County Dublin"
* this is not Simon Luttrell, the third or fourth.  This is the third or fourth Luttrell of Luttrellstown named Simon.  The red numerals are to keep the various "Simons" more easily distinguished from one another.