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East Quantockshead, Somerset
Image Gallery

Church at East Quantockshead
The Court House at East Quantockshead
"In 1229, Sir Andrew Luttrell (1208 - 65) acquired the estates of his grandfather, William Paynell, which included the manor of East Quantoxhead which became the headquarters of the Luttrells in the south of England and has belonged to them ever since.  Today, the Court House is the home of Lt.-Colonel Walter Luttrell, MC,  the lineal descendant of Sir Andrew Luttrell and therefore of Ralph Paynell to whom the manor had been granted by William the Conqueror. " 
"Dunster Castle", The National Trust
View of the Bristol Bay from East Quantockshead 
The "otter" weathervane above East Quantockshead. "Luttrell, originally spelt Luterel, or Loterel, was probably a diminutive of Loutre, the french word for 'otter'."  Lyte
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Sir Walter Luttrell, center, with visiting American Luttrells.
Col. Sir Walter Luttrell died 
April 3, 2007 at the age of 87.  Click here for a brief biographical article about the "head" of the English branch of the Luttrells.
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