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Records of Luttrells in America begin in the last half of the 17th century.   

UPDATE - Jan 2020
Robert Luttrell, of Simonstown, who many Luttrell researchers believe to be the immigrant to America, is confirmed to be the uncle of Col. Simon Luttrell and 
Col. Henry Luttrell of Luttrellstown, county Dublin, IR.
In Irish Manuscripts (10), a listing of an order of succession for Col. Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown (attainted in 1691) specifies that Robert Luttrell of Symonstown is his uncle. Robert is also the first listed in the order of succession after Simon's potential children and brothers. Several others mentioned after Robert are most likely cousins of Simon. Listed immediately after Robert are the Luttrells of Tankardstown, co. Meath, from whom James Luttrell, the indentured immigrant to America, is believed to be descended*. GL

James "Latterell" is listed in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. II as one of several "servants" brought into Virginia by Laurance Robinson in March of 1671/2.  Although his great-grandfather (or possibly, great-great-grandfather), Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland, was a man of great wealth and prominence, this fortune did not follow to James*.  James' grandfather (or possibly, great-grandfather), Robert, was the younger brother of Simon Luttrell who inherited the Luttrellstown estate in 1554 (see "Parish of Clonsilla" on the Ireland page).  After the completion of his indentured service, James becomes a husband, father and a land-owner in Northumberland County, Virginia.  

Robert Luttrell, according to Dr. Terril Littrell and other genealogists, was the son of Simon Luttrell (and a descendant of the Simon in the above paragraph) of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland, when he brought his wife, Ann Preston (daughter of Viscount Gormanston), to settle in Virginia in the late 17th century.*  Their two sons (a third died early in life) Simon (b. 1681) and 
Richard (b. abt. 1690),  were more richly endowed than James (the immigrant) or his children.  Both Richard and Simon accumulated significant property in their lifetimes through inheritance and industry.

In the following century, descendants of these first American Luttrells take their families and are granted or purchase properties as they seek a better life in the new frontiers of America - Kentucky, Tennessee and beyond.  
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* Historical documents have not been found confirming that James Luttrell, the immigrant, was a descendant of Robert Luttrell of Tankardstown, co. Meath, Ireland, or that Robert and Ann Luttrell, of Simonstown, co. Kildare, IR, emigrated from Ireland to America.

What proof is there that this Robert Luttrell was a son of Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland?
In 1824, a James Luttrell, brother of Simon (who is in Ireland at this time) is shown as an immigrant to New Brunswick, Canada from Queens County, Ireland.  And, in 1837, James, the son of Simon Luttrell (born in Ireland) is born on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Note: the names ""James", "Simon", "Robert" and "Richard" are very popular among the Luttrells in Ireland and America during this time period.

In the 1880's, an Alexander Luttrell from Ireland is a settler and "namer" of Emo, Ontario, Canada.,_Ontario

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"Declaration of Independence"
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signed by a Luttrell)

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Col. John Luttrell of 
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William Thomas Luttrell
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What did it mean to be a "servant" like James Luttrell
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Luttrell DNA
Mary Luttrell, daughter of Col. Luttrell of Bristol, England, 
married Adam Winthrop (b.1647, 
d. 1700), grandson of Gov. John Winthrop of Massachusetts.  She m. (2) Col. Joseph Lynde of Charlestown, MA and died 1715
First Luttrells
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