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There is no telling what you might find on this page from time to time.  But, it'll be related to a Luttrell.

Click here for the full article of a truly remarkable Luttrell who's poignant personal story has been told in newspaper and on television throughout the United States.
1949 WIREPHOTO... Referee Jack Dempsey watches as wrestler Cowboy Luttrell attempts to throttle opponent Dorve Roche in a June 1940 match.  A Dempsey-Luttrell feud supposedly resulted from this event culminating in a July 1940 fight in which Dempsey stopped Luttrell in 2 rounds
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Cowboy Luttrell's bout with Jack Dempsey
QUESTION:  How many "Luttrell" (this spelling only) families are there in the United States?
ANSWER:  According to the 1999 "U. S. Directory of Luttrell Families" - 3246.  Kentucky was the most populous with 373 "Luttrell" families.  Tennessee had 355.  Illinois had 224.  Missouri had 205.  California had 201.  Then came Florida, Indiana and Ohio. . . .  Rhode Island and New Hampshire had 0.
The "U. S. Directory of Luttrell Families" came to me unsolicited in the mail.  I have no idea how reliable it is, nor who published it, nor what I did with it.  
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Marcus Luttrell
"Lone Survivor"

Coast Guard 
Capt. Kristi Luttrell-
standing guard against a Gulf polluter - as told by CBS 60 Minutes

In 1775, the British House of Commons was considering motions to suspend three coercive statutes directed against Boston and Massachusetts Bay.  "On March 30, on its second reading in the House of Commons a debate followed in which Temple Luttrell, a speaker for the opposition, declared:  'To force a tax upon your colonists, unrepresented, and universally dissentient, is acting in no better capacity than that of a banditti of robbers'."
From an unknown book, chapter titled "Repudiation of Chatham's Plan".  Footnotes reference Journals of the House of Commons, XXXV, 221, 232, 240, 241, 251, 259 and the Parliamentary Register, I, 415-22.