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Luttrells in the American Revolutionary War

Michael Luttrell, Jr.

Michael Lutterell, Jr., (son of Michael Luttrell, Sr.) born 1751, Fauquier County, Virginia, died Dec. 1844, Marion County, Illinois.  "Served as a Private in the Company commanded by Col. Churchill in the Virginia line for Militia."  Also served in Washington's campaign at York, the defeat of the British Army under Cornwallis.
Heroes of the Revolutionary War, Earl DeWitt Littrell, pgs. 227-229

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posted on Luttrell Genforum, Dec 14, 2000, by Juanita Luttrell Berrian.
Nathan Luttrell

Nathan (Nathaniel) Luttrell, son of Michael Luttrell, Sr. - 
1781 Rev. War, Fauquier Co., VA #R6536
contributed by Lester Luttrell, Oregon, USA

Colonel John Luttrell of North Carolina

"He was ultimately swept into the Revolution, was active against the Tories, and met death at their hands.  He was shot through the body at Cane Creek, North Carolina, September 14, 1781, in an engagement with the notorious David Fanning, the Tory partisan leader and died the following day." (Draper)
Footnote regarding Col. John Luttrell, of "The Transylvania Company", pg. 39, Boonesborough, George W. Ranck, 1901.

Richard Luttrell

"Luttrell, Richard, born 1735, Westmoreland County, Virginia; died in Amherst County, Virginia.  Private in Virginia troops under General George Rogers Clark.  He served as a volunteer soldier in the Illinois Campaign.  The territory conquered by Clark and his troops formed five great states.  For his services, Richard Luttrell was given a grant of land in the northwest territory."  
(Children listed included "Richard Luttrell, Jr., born 1763")
Some of Tennessee's Heroes, Sella Armstrong and Conquest of the Country Northwest of the Ohio, W. H. English.  "Membership Roster and Soldiers:  The Tennessee Society of the DAR, 1960-1970", Whitley, Vol. 2.

Richard Luttrell, Jr.

"Richard Luttrell, Jr., born about 1761, commissioned by Thomas Jefferson in 1780".
Virginia Soldiers of 1776, pg. 162

James Luttrell

"Luttrell, James, born February 12, 1755 at Westmoreland County, Virginia; died November 1, 1848 at Knox County, Tennessee."  Service as "a Minute Man and as a Private with the Virginia Troops".
Amherst County, Virginia in the Revolution, Lenora H. Sweeny, pgs. 150-151.  Virginia Soldiers in 1776, Burgess.  Notable Southern Families, Armstrong, Vol. 1, pg. 126.  "Membership Roster and Soldiers:  The Tennessee Society of the DAR, 1960-1970", Whitley, Vol. 2.

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