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QUESTION 301:  An "Osbert Lotrel" is documented as a landowner in Normandy in 1180 and 1198. This makes him a contemporary to the "original" Sir Geoffrey Luttrell. Are there any subsequent records regarding the Osbert Lotrel family or any other of his "Luttrell" contemporaries (besides Geoffrey)? 


"Luttrell, originally spelt Luterel, or Loterel, was probably a diminutive of 'Loutre', the French word for an otter.  Applied in the first instance as a personal nickname, it became a hereditary surname.  The fact that a certain Osbert Lotrel had the farm of Arques in Normandy in 1180 and 1198 rather tends to confirm the idea that the family was of foreign origin."
"A History of Dunster" by Maxwell-Lyte

Maxwell Lyte also refers to "a certain Robert Lotrel in Normandy in 1195. . ." in "Dunster and its Lords"

Some writers also refer to

Sir John Luttrell
of Hoton Pagnel, Yorkshire
during the reigns of Henry I and Stephen, abt. 1100 - 1150
(shown in The Roll of Battle Abbey, Pg. 72 by John Bernard Burke, Esq. and
The Peerage of Ireland: Or, A Genealogical History of the Present ..., Volume 3 By John Lodge)
There are significant issues concerning the accuracy of the information provided by Burke and Lodge

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The Luttrell FAQs

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