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The poignant story of Richard Luttrell of Illinois as told by NBC's Dateline
written and illuminated
 in England early in the 
14th century for 
Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of 
Irnham in Lincolnshire.  
This Sir Geoffrey was the 
great-great grandson of 
Geoffrey Luttrell, a "privy counselor" to King John 
and his trusted emissary to 
the Pope and ambassador 
to Ireland in its quietest years 
of King John's reign. 
This "first" 
Sir Geoffrey Luttrell
was very possibly 
the "father/founder" of 
the great Luttrell families of England, Ireland, Australia
and America.
Click here 
for the poignant story 
of Vietnam Veteran 
Richard Luttrell  as told by NBC's Dateline
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Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, King John &
The Sheriff of Nottingham
An interesting man, 
that Geoffrey Luttrell . . .
Significant information has recently been published online about the history of the Luttrells of Ireland and England, and of relevance to the rest of us who are descended from them. This information - from documented records of medieval England and Ireland - enables us to have a more intimate understanding of them and our blood and/or familial ties to them.
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 'The Lord Geoffrey Luttrell caused me to be made' . . .
"Dominus Galfridus Louterell 
me fieri fecit" 
 'The Lord Geoffrey Luttrell 
caused me to be made'
reads the inscription above the illustration of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, 
his wife Agnes de Sutton, 
and daughter-in-law Beatrice le Scrope.
  The illustration is from "one of the most famous manuscripts in the world",